After the announcement of the new COVID-19 testing location at the Savage Volunteer Fire Station in Howard County I decided that I would go over and see what the process was like and get tested.

When I arrived (around 9:30am) I was the only vehicle in line so I was able to pull right up and begin the process.

They ask for your drivers license and insurance card.


They provide you a COVID-19 release form (it is pretty short and pretty basic). It asks for your contact information, if you have any symptoms, have been around anyone exposed and contact info (phone and email).

They take your vitals: temperature with one of those Infrared Thermometer guns and a Fingertip Pulse Oximeters (that is my best guess as to what that thing was they put on my finger). My vitals were great…that made me feel good.

Then they get out the swab. I have to admit this was the not fun part of the testing. They put it way up your nose. Now it does not hurt…more annoying than anything but it is over pretty quick.

The doctor came over and asks a couple of questions….about exposure and symptoms.

They hand you a piece of paper and postcard and let you know about checking the status of your test (including that you will get a phone call with the results).

I should have the results back in 2 to 3 days (maybe longer given that testing has increased and that could cause a little bit of back log). There was this recent article on that topic:

The entire thing took only a few minutes (less than 10). It seriously took longer to write this article than it did to get tested.

They did mention that it is even faster if you make an appointment (see the paperwork above to do that).

I asked a couple of questions about testing volume yesterday and today. They told me they tested about 50 people yesterday and 20 already this morning at that location.

It is very easy, quick and painless. It costs nothing and well worth the time to make sure you do not have this virus (even, if like me, you are not showing any symptoms).

I want to say that the Quality First Urgent Care team at that location could not have been nicer and made the process super easy. I rate them 10 out of 10.

Here is the Howard County Health Department Coronavirus Testing – Information & Guidance page for more information on this and other testing locations:

Scott E


  1. Glad you had a good experience (was going to say positive, but nobody wants a positive covid testing experience….). But I think caution is warranted with this push for testing, because while everyone wants a negative result, a negative result really doesn’t tell you anything actionable — it only tells you only that you were negative at the time you were tested. If the virus was brewing and had not yet reached a sufficient level in your system to test positive, your negative test result means nothing. Incubation time is 5 days or more. A negative result today, if you got the result today, would probably mean you couldn’t spread it today. But you’re not getting the result for 2-3 days. So by the time you get the result, you could be positive from an exposure a few days before you took today’s test … but you won’t know that.

  2. This sounds like an AD for getting Covid testing. “It’s free and easy”, I’m just guessing but I think you will come back positive. I don’t believe 20 people got tested that morning and you did not see anyone there at 9:30 a.m , I do not think testing should be done outside of your Doctors office. He knows your medical history. How do you know what they are testing for, where your DNA is going, if you are that worried self isolate. This whole situation contradicts what we are told.

  3. Hi Scott!

    How long did it take you to receive your results?

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience!

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