The Howard County Executive (Calvin Ball) will host a press conference to discuss COVID-19 testing at the Savage Volunteer Fire Department on Monday, July 6th at 11 a.m. I am happy to see this announcement and looking forward to that location being a location that has drive thru testing without the need for an appointment.

My thoughts this morning are about an article I wrote almost a year ago (July 29, 2019) “Is It Time For The Savage Volunteer Fire Company To Change Their Logo?” This will be a location for COVID-19 testing in Howard County. The photo above will be the logo that those visiting that location will see. Is it appropriate in the world we live in today?

Here is a look at the website as of this morning:


When professional organizations like the Washington Redskins are going through a review of their team name and logo…is it time that Howard County do the same with the name and logo of the Savage Volunteer Fire Department?

I am not saying or tell you the reader that they should or should not…just asking the question…the same question I asked almost a year ago. Is the logo and name of that volunteer fire department appropriate today in our county?

I might attend the press conference on Monday (depending on my work schedule that day) and maybe get some photos and ask this question.

As this is a question that was asked of me recently…I am curious…what do you think? Let me know in the comments.

Scott E


  1. Logo: Should change; no excuse for racist depictions of native Americans as “savage” in 2020.
    Name: Is the name of the town/area that the department serves. Which is named after John Savage, who founded the Savage Mills textile plant. So no! that’s not something that should change. It’s not racist. It’s a guy’s name.

    • I agree that the logo needs to be changed. Yes, no excuse for racist depiction of native Americans at any time.

      As a young kid back in the late 50’s/early 60s, I remember watching someone painting the picture of the American Indian on the driver’s side door of one the fire engines. Even though the pop culture of that time included a plethora of TV westerns which depicted native Americans as being unruly ” savages”, I knew there was no correlation between that
      picture being painted on the engine and the town of Savage. It didn’t make sense to me then and does not make sense now. I’m sure that the SVFD meant no harm, at the time, because this negative depiction of the native American was so prevalent in our pop culture back in the day.

      It’s now, however, a new day and it’s time the SVFD consider a new logo which depicts a positive image. John Savage was the founder of the Savage Manufacturing Co. which is now what we call ” The Mill.” The town is named after him. Perhaps a new SVFD logo could include “The Mill” and perhaps the Bollman Bridge. John Savage and his mill are the true roots of this town. Both “The Mill” and the Bollman Bridge are positive icons that I would think all folks of the town of Savage can be proud.

      I do deeply respect the work and bravery of all the members, past and present, of the Savage Volunteer Fire Co. Their tireless service and personal dedication to our community is never to be discounted and is only to be deeply cherished and honored by all.

  2. This is a great time to go into the sign business. Everything is going to be renamed.

    How long will it take to rename Howard and Carroll county?
    And, Edgar and Howard St?
    Indian Head Parkway?
    Baltimore City? Washington, DC?

    But, don’t worry about the lifespan of the company. Since, the pattern has started, everything is going to be renamed every generation.

    Next year, they will start renaming the interstate highways. Since, I am a senior citizen, I take offense to I-70. And, lets not start talking about I-69.

  3. No, the logo is not appropriate. The logo should reflect the character of the town, like the mills.

    • Seriously Scott Es Blog!? You’re adding to this nonsense now too? Apparently everyone has spent way too much time inside to now start looking and digging to find something that could possibly offend them. Go back and read 1984 and see where all this ends up. There are bigger things to be concerned about. Step out of your HoCo cocoon and look around the world because there’s a whole lot more going on than logos and names. Do you understand why they had demonstrations in Hong Kong? For pretty much the opposite reasons we’ve had the same here. Please, some of you, GROW UP!

  4. I suggest you leave Savage VFC alone and let them do their job, responding to the needs of the community. Unless you are willing to make a sizable donation to the department, which is a non profit, to replace ALL the decals on their apparatus, equipment, uniforms, etc.

    • Or they could get a new logo made (hopefully some one will donate their skills) and then anything new gets the new logo and the old one gets gradually replaced.

    • Why don’t they have the same logo as all the other fire stations in the county? The Howard county fire department logo?

      • The Savage Volunteer Fire Company is a private corporation which works in conjunction with the county and other departments/companies in the area to deliver emergency services.

  5. What does the Native American chief’s head depict if not related to the name Savage? If it’s related/tied to “Savage”, then it is inappropriate.

    • It honors the large part of the area that was inhabited by Native Americans. I believe there is a Native American burial ground near the Little Patuxent River in the stations primary response area.

  6. If the town was named after John Savage, who i assume was not native American Indian, then why would they use a native American head as the logo? Why not use a pic of John Savage himself? But i get it. You might have a town named after Thomas Day and choose a shining sun as the logo. In doing so, you’re saying a shining sun is a reflection of “Day”. So does this logo imply a native American Indian is a reflection of Mr. Savage himself? I think it’s more likely the intended message was that a native American Indian a reflection of being “Savage”. Needs to go.

  7. As a resident of the town of Savage my whole life … Absolutely not! Enough is enough. The town is named after John Savage as you can see in the above posts. I guess you’ll go after Mt. Savage next. Where does it stop????

  8. The Indian head that appears on the patch comes from the Whiskey Bottom area, which was a Native American tribal ground a long long time ago (savage vfc responds to this area)… still to this day, it’s a Native American burial ground. The name “Savage” has no reference to Native Americans and is simply named after the town of Savage.

  9. There’s no need to use that image. If they need a face, should have used the face of the guy the town is named after.

    Though imho, the entire patch is very busy and has a bit too much going on.

  10. How is this image of a native American offensive? It isn’t a derogatory image. It is a true depiction of a native American CHIEF. Therefore, it is a honorable portrait. “Fire CHIEF” is also a top honor in the Fire Department community. Will that be the next offense for someone to cry about? In my opinion, there isnt any need for the county executive to address this logo. Furthermore, it is also my opinion that people who are taking offense to this image reevaluate their priorities. For every offended person there are likely ten unoffended persons.

  11. Oh my gosh, 19 replies. Where were you during the discussion about the 20,000 HoCo students who are below and will remain below reading level? Squirrel!

  12. The town was named for John Savage, a Philadelphia merchant with interest in a mill on the falls of the Little Patuxent. In 1822 he and his associates, the Williams brothers, chartered the Savage Manufacturing Company, purchasing 900 acres (360 ha) of the White property for $6,666.67.[6] The company produced sails for the clipper ships that sailed out of Baltimore Harbor, in addition to a wide variety of other cotton products.

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