Daily COVID-19 Tests Administered On The Decline In Howard County

The number of COVID-19 tests administered in Howard County has been declining over the past two weeks (per the Howard County Health Department COVID-19 Dashboard). Here is a look at the latest Tests Administered chart:

On June 12th the 7 day rolling average of tests administered was 662 tests per day and on June 25th that number (the rolling average) had fallen to 424 tests administered per day.

On May 14th one of the items noted relating to HoCo Rise was a testing goal of 6,500 tests per week (or 928 tests per day). Howard County has only exceeded the daily number goal 3 times per the dashboard:

  • May 24th: 1,039 tests administered
  • June 8th: 998 tests administered
  • June 12th: 1,072 tests administered

Two other dates the county came close to the daily number goal:

  • June 1st: 922 tests administered
  • June 5th: 923 tests administered

A look at the dashboard shows that the daily tests administered has not exceeded 600 tests in a day since June 15th.

The following information was shared by Howard County Government in a press release yesterday:

Testing Progress

There have been recent stories and cases of residents across Maryland testing positive for COVID-19 after attending rallies or large gatherings. If you have been to or around someone who has recently been in a large gathering, concerned that you may have come into contact with COVID-19, or are showing any symptoms, get tested as soon as possible. It is possible to have COVID-19 and not have any symptoms.

Additionally, in order to prevent further spread of COVID-19, it’s important that residents who have tested positive work cooperatively with our contact tracers to keep our community safe.

If you have trouble getting a test, please call the Coronavirus Information Line at (410) 313-6284. To learn more, visit the Howard County Health Department’s website here: https://bit.ly/3fM0Dsb

Here is information from the Howard County Health Department related to testing:

Who Should Get Tested

The Howard County Health Department does NOT determine testing needs, nor order testing for COVID-19. We offer guidance using Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) criteria.

Interactive Map of Maryland COVID-19 Testing Sites


It would be great (and I think helpful for increased testing) if the Howard County Hospital or the VEIP Site in Columbia offered drive thru testing without appointments. You still need an appointment to visit either location today (per the Coronavirus Testing page). Changing this policy would be a good thing that I hope the county looks at seriously in order to meet the goals of HoCo Rise. Asymptomatic carriers might be more likely to drive up and get tested if they did not need a doctors recommendation to get tested at these sites (my opinion).

There are other locations that offer walk-ins for testing. Be sure to check the links above for the various testing locations.

Take this serious and if you have symptoms or have been around someone that has tested positive consider getting tested sooner rather than later.

Here is the link for the Howard County Dashboard: https://www.howardcountymd.gov/Departments/Health/MM-Alerts-and-Recalls

Scott E

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