County Executive Ball Announces Revisiting Howard County Police Department’s Body Worn Cameras

County Executive Calvin Ball and Police Chief Lisa Myers today addressed the implementation of a body-worn camera program for the Howard County Police Department.

Photo of Police Chief Lisa Myers from a previous event

“The recent events in our country cannot be ignored, and there are growing calls to action for those in elected office to use their positions to implement change,” said County Executive Calvin Ball. “This week I’ve had many conversations with Police Chief Lisa Myers and we’ve discussed revisiting the implementation of a body-worn camera program. A previous pilot program from 2017 found three major barriers to implementation: staffing, budget, and adequate space. This moment calls for solutions, and we are working together to overcome these barriers and move this program forward.”

“Our body-worn camera pilot program showed that there was value to this technology for police agencies and the public,” said Police Chief Lisa Myers. “County Executive Ball’s commitment to take another look at funding and staffing issues is a reflection of his support for the outstanding relationships of trust and transparency our police department has long-established with the community. We are looking ahead and always exploring new ways to offer the best possible practices in law enforcement. We remain committed to respecting and protecting all of the people we serve.”


Scott E

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