Judge John Kuchno and Quincy Coleman move forward out of the Primary and into the General for Judge of the Circuit Court in Howard County. Here are the Primary results after the final ballot canvas on June 12th:

Judge Kuchno won on the Republican ballot in a big way. Coleman took the top position on the Democratic ballot.

Here are comments made by both candidates recently on social media:

Judge John Kuchno (via Facebook):

It has been an honor serving as a judge in Howard County, and I am very grateful for the outpouring of support from voters throughout the county during the primary election. It was my first time ever running for office, and I thank the voters who showed their confidence in me. It’s now on to the general election in November.

I also again want to thank Governor Larry Hogan for his confidence in my experience, integrity, and skills when he appointed me to the bench. Thanks also to Attorney General Brian Frosh and other Democratic leaders who are endorsing me to remain serving the people of Howard County on the Circuit Court. They stand behind me not just because I am the only experienced judge in this race but because I have a record of which Howard County can be proud.

America is facing difficult times, and now more than ever we need to be united to keep good judges in the courthouse, where equal justice applies to all who come before the court. What matters is having a judge who demonstrates fairness, integrity, and a record of protecting and respecting the rights of every person.

Having received the most votes of any Judicial candidate, I look forward to the continued bipartisan support of Howard County voters and our community, business, and political leadership. I am confident that Howard County will continue to appreciate and want my service. On to November, and please hang onto your lawn signs! 

Quincy Coleman for Judge (via Facebook):

Well it’s official… I am the Democratic Primary Winner for the Circuit Court for Howard County!!!

Congratulations to Judge John Kuchno on winning the Republican Primary. This was a hard fought race. All of my opponents (Mr. Stephen Horvat, Mr. Stephen Musselman, Judge John Kuchno) ran great campaigns; we all are highly qualified.

I started this campaign as a call to service to make an impact on fairness and equal justice for all who come before the court. This has been my primary focus, even before the recent incidents of injustice surfaced and received national attention.

Throughout this campaign, I had wonderful opportunities to meet many people in Howard County. It is clear that the majority of residents, regardless of political party affiliation, have the desire for an unbiased and fair judicial system, where decisions are made solely based on the evidence and the rule of law.

I thank God for my family, friends, neighbors, and the residents of Howard County who have supported me in this effort to make a positive impact on the judicial system. I would like to personally thank everyone who voted for me in the primary (both Democrats and Republicans), and even those who considered voting for me. It keeps me encouraged that even in the midst of this pandemic, which has caused suffering, loss of life and financial income; exercising one’s right to vote still remains a priority. I am humbled and grateful that I received the majority of the in-person votes and provisional ballots amongst any judicial candidate in this race. This shows that people are mobilized and ready for a change for the better. I hope that more (Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and other party affiliates) will continue to support and elect me as the next Howard County Circuit Court Judge in November.

Thank you again Howard County!!! Let’s continue forward for Fairness and Justice for All!!!

Here is a link to the results: https://elections.maryland.gov/elections/2020/results/Primary/gen_results_2020_3_034X.html

Maybe I can get the candidates to join Scott E’s Blog for another forum later this summer or early fall.

Scott E