Independent Amber Ivey Announces Run for Maryland’s 7th Congressional District – Focuses on Preparing Marylanders for Technology’s Impact on U.S. Economic Future

Announced via press release on June 9th:

Government-performance management professional Amber Ivey ( recently announced the launch of her Independent campaign for the U.S. House of Representatives, MD-7. In an expanding economy that becomes more high-tech and globalized each year, the COVID-19 pandemic illustrated that although many companies were prepared for the shift, current partisan Washington politics are not readying Americans for an increasingly digitized workforce. Ivey believes focusing on preparing Marylanders for the wide-sweeping changes technology has already made on the workforce is critically important for the continued success of the overall U.S. economy.

“COVID-19 showed us just how important technology is to our economic growth,” said Ivey. “Businesses and individuals who were able to quickly transition to work from home policies, or utilize technology, were able to weather the storm far better than those without these tools. As the economy continues to become more globalized and technology-driven, and the future of work changes, a substantial portion of the population will need to adopt new skills to compete. If we don’t prepare Americans for this shift, the vast unemployment we’re currently experiencing is just the tip of the iceberg. It is not a matter of if, but when – and the time is now. I’m prepared to help Marylanders lead the way.”

“AI: For the People – For the Future”

Already experienced at working with both sides of the aisle, Ivey has worked with Democrats and Republicans at the local and state level, finding common ground to solve complex organizational problems that involve a wide variety of stakeholders and private citizens. Able to view issues from multiple angles, Ivey understands how to promote both innovation and ethics, encouraging people-focused solutions for everyone. And although data-focused, Ivey has always understood the importance of remembering that there is an individual who lives behind each statistic.

“I am petitioning to run as an Independent candidate for Congress because we are in a political environment where elected officials are more concerned about party politics and the outcome of their next election, rather than producing results for the American people that prepare them for the future,” said Ivey. “This recent health crisis proves that Congress can pass bipartisan legislation quickly when it needs to, and we need more of that from Congress. The solutions of yesterday will not work in an American economy that is rapidly changing; an economy continuously fueled by technology and globalization. My priority is to tackle issues that ensure the future of families, work, and communities as a whole, so that Marylanders of Congressional District 7 can compete and thrive in the future of America.”

To get Amber on the ballot, sign the petition at For the latest news related to her campaign, follow Amber Ivey on social media: FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedIn. To read her detailed bio and learn more about her platform, please visit:

Media Contact:
Tomeria Jordan, Consultant


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