The Howard County Health Department has added a new tab to their COVID-19 dashboard – Testing. This is the second time I have seen this new tab on the dashboard (I noticed it on May 31st but it was removed quickly on that date).

I spoke with officials within Howard County Government on May 31st and was told the tab was removed as they were still working out the data (and that it appeared to be an accident that it was published live on the site on that date). I decided to hold off writing it up as they worked out the kinks in the new tab for the dashboard.

I am not 100% sure when it was added back to the site (I did not watch the numbers or the dashboard much this weekend as I was doing other activities).

Howard County Executive Calvin Ball posted the following on Facebook yesterday:

As we continue to keep our community data-informed through this pandemic, we are pleased to add positivity rates to the Howard County COVID-19 Dashboard. Today’s 7-day rolling average positivity rate shows a 6.28% positivity rate. The lower positivity rate indicates that fewer residents are testing positive. When communities have less than 10% positivity rate, the infection rate is low enough to continue cautious reopening of business and activities.(see the full post here)

The COVID-19 Testing tab provides information on the number of tests administered and the number of positive tests:

This is a great new feature and one that I will begin tracking on my weekly reports and maybe providing on the daily updates from time to time in the future.

The Howard County Health Department Dashboard now has the following tabs:

  • Case Summary
  • Zip Code
  • Demographics
  • Hospital Capacity
  • Testing

Here are the screenshots I got from May 31st around 10:45am:

Not sure why I did not get a heads up prior to this being added back (after I sat on it for over a week). That will teach me to sit on something I knew was coming (yep…just a little annoyed about not getting the heads up).

See the dashboard here:

Scott E