Information received via email today:

The HCDCC aims to be a powerful force for change by collaborating with our community to engage and empower Democrats and those who align with our values. Collectively, our committee has done amazing work over the last two years, both publicly and privately. Not only did we sweep the ballot in the 2018 midterms by helping secure victories in 19 of 22 races, we helped increase voter turnout in Howard County by 47%. Aside from the critical outward facing work, we also worked hard internally to revise and expand our bylaws in addition to creating and instituting a two-year strategic plan that highlights our past successes while mapping out a path forward for our future. We have 2020 vision and our sights are set on continuing our work in the community, reclaiming the White House and beyond.

We have the utmost gratitude for each of our outgoing Executive Board members for their service, leadership, and our personal favorite, attending extra meetings over the last two years, which helped shape and guide our committee forward.

Outgoing 2018-2020 Executive Board

Maureen Evans Arthurs, Chair
Tim Lattimer, 2nd Chair
Jennifer Jones, 1st Vice Chair
Shahan Rizvi, 2nd Vice Chair
Dr. Scott Berkowitz, 3rd Vice Chair
Dhaval Shah, Treasurer
Safa Hira, Recording Secretary
Alicia Altamirano, Corresponding Secretary

From the beginning, our committee has been committed to evolving, making way for fresh ideas, different perspectives and ultimately, creating space for others to lead. In staying true to those principles, we are absolutely thrilled to welcome a brand new Executive Board who have stepped up to take on new opportunities to serve our community and continue the great work of our committee.

Incoming 2020-2022 Executive Board

Shahan Rizvi, Chair
Herb Smith, 1st Vice Chair
Regina Clay, 2nd Vice Chair
Jeremy Eldridge, 3rd Vice Chair
Dhaval Shah, Treasurer
Linda Bolen, Recording Secretary
Alicia Altamirano, Corresponding Secretary

We’ve always believed that representation is paramount. In 2018, Howard County ushered in many firsts, including but not limited to, the election of our first African American County Executive, State’s Attorney, and Sheriff, in addition to electing our first South Asian to the Board of Education. And within the Central Committee, we also had firsts including Maureen Evans Arthurs as our first and youngest African American woman as Chair. True to form, we are now thrilled to elevate Shahan Rizvi as the first Muslim and South Asian as Chair of the Democratic Central Committee; in addition to the continuation of a diverse board with room to grow.

We have faith and confidence in our new leadership and a renewed sense of shared purpose as we forge ahead, stronger together. It has been humbling to serve our community and we are committed to the success of our incoming board and look forward to giving them our full support for the rest of this committee’s term. We are grateful to our fellow HCDCC members for entrusting us with leadership roles two years ago. We are honored to continue our work together to build a stronger, more dynamic, and effective Democratic party in Howard County.

Maureen Evans Arthurs, Chair
Tim Lattimer, 2nd Chair


Maybe I can get the new incoming chair and vice-chairs to join Scott E’s Blog on Zoom in the near future for an interview. Something for me to look into after the election results are finalized.

Scott E