I have been closely tracking my ballot status during the 2020 Primary in Maryland and Howard County. We are encouraged to vote by mail in advance of the Primary on June 2nd. During this Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic it was the right decision.

My issue now is that it is June 1st and I as a voter have no idea if my vote will be counted. Here is my tracking of my ballot:

So my ballot was noted as “received” back on May 15th. I thought that was great.

My issue now is that it is June 1st and that is still the status this morning. How do I know as a voter that I did not make a mistake that might “Reject” my ballot and my vote not count? This is a problem with this system.

I am curious…any blog reader out there have their status change to accepted yet? Is anyone else concerned about the integrity of this election cycle with vote by mail…especially given what I noted above?

You can check the status of your ballot here:  https://voterservices.elections.maryland.gov/VoterSearch. Click the “Status of My Absentee or Provisional Ballots” after entering your information.

I do plan on following up with the Howard County Board of Elections later this morning to see if I can get more information on this topic. If I find out any information for voters locally I will be sure to do a follow up post on the blog.

ARTICLE UPDATE: I called the Howard County Board of Elections this morning and the person I talked to on the phone told me that they have not started counting ballots yet and that there is no way for a voter to know if they (the voter) made a mistake on their ballot that might make it rejected.

So there is no way to know if your mail in ballot will counted tomorrow. This is a problem with this vote by mail system. I have been super supportive of the vote by mail system until now…and now I am very concerned about the results.

Just a reminder…Howard County will have two in-person voting locations for the 2020 Primary Election on June 2nd.

Scott E


  1. I know of a voter who did make a mistake and the Board of Elections reached out to that voter to help them fix it in a timely manner so their vote would count. I was super impressed.

  2. It’s not like if you made a mistake on an in-person ballot, you would know or have any opportunity to correct it nor would you know whether it had been accepted or rejected. This isn’t a problem with mail-in ballots, just an opportunity to make them even better!

    • That is not true. When you vote in person and they scan the ballot while you stand there you will know if it is accepted or not.

  3. Mine is also listed only as “ballot received” as of this morning. I hadn’t realized there were other options until this post. Hmm.

  4. Carroll County voter here. My ballot that I mailed in a week ago is showing as “Received” as of this writing.

  5. Calvert County voter here. My mailed in ballot was sent by “Certified Mail” and was picked up at the post office on 05/12/20. As of this writing, my ballot status has been showing “Received” since 05/15/20. I too am becoming skeptical if the mail in method is worth the risk of my vote not being counted.

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