The Maryland State Board of Elections is publishing data of the number of mail-in ballots sent out and received for the 2020 Maryland Primary. Here is the data as of May 30th:

Specific to Howard County…205,453 mail-in-ballots have been sent out and 47,187 ballots have been received. That makes a return rate of just under 23% (22.97%). On May 28th Howard County had a return rate of just under 19%.

The statewide average is just under 20.7% as of May 30th.

There is not breakdown by councilmanic district locally but there is a breakdown by legislative district: (District: Sent / Received / % Received)

  • District 9A: 68,744 / 15,965 / 23.2%
  • District 9B: 22,947 / 6,609 /  28.8%
  • District 12: 69,766 / 16,983 / 24.3%
  • District 13: 89,329 / 18,583 / 20.8%

Keep in mind that Districts 9A and 12 include other counties so it is not a 100% accurate look at Howard County voting numbers.

Here is a breakdown of return rate by party so far in 2020:

  • Democrat: 27.6%
  • Republican: 23.6%
  • Other: 10.1%

Here are some past years primary voter turnout percentages for Howard County and the State of Maryland:

  • 2018: Howard County 23.36% / State 24.25%
  • 2016: Howard County 44.07% / State 41.71%
  • 2014: Howard County 19.73% / State 20.71%
  • 2012: Howard County 18.95% / State 17.91%
  • 2010: Howard County 21.42% / State 24.04%

It is nice to see that Howard County is already above voting rates of 2010, 2012, and 2014. I would expect Howard County to well exceed the 2018 turnout. We have a ways to go to reach the 2016 turnout.

There is still time to get your vote in the mail…just make sure it is in the mail and postmarked by June 2nd. There will also be two voting locations in Howard County on June 2nd (click image to learn more):

There is also a ballot drop-off location in Howard County “If you want to drop off your voted ballot instead of mailing it, there are locations in each county where you can drop off your ballot. Take the sealed reply envelope with your voted ballot inside to a drop off location in the county where you live. The drop off locations will be available from Thursday, May 21st through Tuesday, June 2nd. Your ballot must be dropped off by 8 pm on Tuesday, June 2nd. Make sure your oath is signed or your ballot will not count“ The drop off location is:

Howard County Board of Elections
9770 Patuxent Woods Drive, Suite 200
Columbia, MD 21046

You can check the status of your mail-in-ballot here:

Still need more information before you vote…be sure to check out Scott E’s Blog HoCoBOE Election Reference page:

Ok folks…48 hours until election day. Make your voice heard this election cycle.

Scott E


  1. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they are updating the data for actual voters.

    Total voters dropped by 128 between 5-28 and 5-30
    I assume part of the numbers are the returned envelopes (voter moved or died).

    And, they received back an additional 8,797 ballots between 5-28 and 5-30.
    Of those additional ballots received, 5,622 were democrats (64%).
    Democrats make up 54% of the county voters.

    It will be interesting to see the final numbers of voter response 2 days after the election.

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