The Howard County Police Department (HCPD) and the Howard County Police Officers Association (HCPOA) have released statements online about the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Here is what was posted on Facebook:

HCPD on May 29th:

As a police agency that holds our officers to the highest standards of integrity and respect, it is disturbing for us to see the actions of officers who do not represent our profession. The actions of the officers in Minneapolis that resulted in the death of George Floyd are simply unacceptable. They tarnish the compassionate work so many police officers do every day here in Howard County and in many other places around the country. We at the Howard County Police Department strongly condemn these terrible acts and remain committed to respecting and protecting ALL of the people we serve. Our thoughts and prayers are with George Floyd’s family and the heartbroken Minneapolis community.

HCPOA on May 27th:

In light of the tragic killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we want the citizens of Howard County to know that while the Howard County Police Officers Association, FOP Lodge 21 supports our brothers and sisters in blue, we DO NOT condone or support the actions of the officers involved in this deadly incident. The HCPOA, FOP Lodge 21 has established a tradition of standards that emphasize respect, pride, integrity, and community. We will continue this tradition and encourage all of our brothers and sisters in blue throughout the Nation to act accordingly. We want the community to know that we are here to protect you and look forward to the continued support from the citizens of Howard County, MD.



Scott E


  1. “it is disturbing for us to see the actions of officers who do not represent our profession.”
    Huh? I think they may have missed the point entirely. It’s because these actions DO represent the profession that people nationwide are rebelling. A failure to understand that will only serve to continue the system as it is, and lead to more abuses of power.

    • Respectfully Dave, we shouldn’t hold all LEOs accountable for the actions of a few. We have an outstanding and highly professional police force in Howard County; I’ve never heard of anything like what happened in Minneapolis happening here.

      However, there’s clearly a need for national policing standards including de-militarization, an increased focus on mental health crisis intervention, de-escalation techniques, and a serious effort to ensure that problem officers like the ones in Minneapolis are found and removed before they can commit or abet murder. Perhaps top departments like HoCo that already have that focus can help push for those changes nationally.

      Personally, I appreciate that HoCo PD spoke out about this.

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