It is that time again…a chance to review the campaign finance reports (Pre-Primary 2 Reports) of candidates running for Howard County Board of Education. This is the final campaign finance report for the 2020 Primary. Here is a basic summary of money received, spent and cash on hand for each candidate in each district:

Overall this is a pretty light report…but there were a few notable items based on my quick review (things I am looking at as notable include: donations over $500, donations from elected officials in Howard County, PAC money, money from other political campaigns and other stuff I think is significant):

District 1:

Not notable items to report

District 2:

Antonia Watts:

  • $50 – Sabina Taj

District 3:

No notable items to report

No report from Gian Alfeo

District 4:

Sezin Palmer:

  • $3,000 from Chinese American Political Association PAC

Jen Mallo:

  • $500 from Steven Porter
  • $1,000 from Friends of Terri Hill
  • $1,000 from Friends of Clarence Lam
  • $100 from Turner, Frank S. Committee To Elect To The House of Del

Daniel Margolis: filed and ALCE and marked the report closing the campaign entity

District 5

Yun Lu

  • $3,000 from Chinese American Political Association PAC

Update (5/25/20) – Report from Gene Ryan is now online and reflected in the charts.

Hopefully I got all of the notable items mentioned at the top of this article for each report. There were 15 reports to review in a short period of time. If you think I missed anything of note – let me know in the comments.

Here is a link to my Google Drive folder with all of the reports from May:

Here is a look at the summary chart with information from the January reports, the April reports and the May reports:

(note – I know I left off Margolis on this report)

Here is the summary article from April 2020:

Here is the summary article from January 2020:

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Lookup campaign fianance reports here:

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