2020 Howard County Board of Education Primary Election Voters’ Guide From The Business Monthly

The Business Monthly recently published their 2020 Howard County Board of Education Primary Election Voters’ Guide for each district this election cycle…you can read those articles below:

District 1: http://www.bizmonthly.com/district-1-2020-board-of-education-primary-election-voters-guide/

District 2: http://www.bizmonthly.com/district-2-2020-board-of-education-primary-election-voters-guide/

District 3: http://www.bizmonthly.com/district-3-2020-howard-county-board-of-education-primary-election-voters-guide/

District 4: http://www.bizmonthly.com/district-4-2020-howard-county-board-of-education-primary-election-voters-guide/

District 5: http://www.bizmonthly.com/district-5-2020-board-of-education-primary-election-voters-guide/

Interesting to see who responded to the questions and who did not…I alway find that an interesting fact.

Look…be sure to read the voter guides above…then visit Scott E’s 2020 HoCoBOE Election page to learn even more about the candidates (websites, social media links, podcast interviews and online debates).

Most importantly…be sure to get your vote in before June 2nd. There is really no reason not to vote early if you can.

Scott E

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