Reopen Howard County Rally in Ellicott City on May 26th

Photo from public event on Reopen Howard County Facebook page

The following has been announced on Facebook by the Reopen Howard County page:

Article update May 21, 2020 at 9:20am

Stand up for small businesses and houses of worship impacted by Calvin Ball’s shutdown

When: Tuesday, May 26th at 5 pm
Where: Ellicott City Courthouse. We will begin with some guest speakers and then will walk Courthouse Dr. and Ellicott Mills Dr. The rally will be completed where Ellicott Mills Dr. dead ends to Main Street.

RSVP – Please email if you plan to attend and let us know how many people you plan to bring. We need to get a head-count to ensure the success of this event.

– We will stand in place and gather from 5 to 5:30. At 5:30 we will slowly begin to walk main street in a single file line holding our signs.
– Bring your whole family and invite all your friends, we want to send a loud and clear message to Calvin Ball
– Please also consider supporting local businesses that are open.

What to Bring: We are asking every protester to bring a sign of their choice to support local businesses and houses of worship!

This is not a political rally do not bring signs or wear clothing of national politicians. The goal here is to support businesses and houses of worship.

For more information, email


Scott E

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  1. Who is sponsoring this rally and what exactly do they mean by “REOPEN”?

    Most businesses and priests/ministers/rabbis/imams/etc. care about their employees, customers, and parishioners and don’t want to reopen until it’s safe to do so. As a long time Columbia resident and small business owner, I certainly don’t want to reopen until the physicians and medical experts at HoCo Department of Health think that’s appropriate.


  2. Only caring about yourself, to the detriment of society around you, is indeed the most American thing I’ve ever heard.


  3. We shutdown to prevent our healthcare system from being overrun. If John Smith has concerns about his mortality, he should only take on the level of risk with which he feels comfortable. It is also selfish to steal life from those are young and healthy.

    A desire to be engaged and productive is nothing to be ashamed of. HOCO haters would do well to consider all perspectives as it relates to a situation.


  4. Looking forward to the MAGA hats, Confederate flags, and other displays of ignorance and hate (NOT). I thought our area was better than this.

    Shame on you for ignoring basic Public Health facts in a pandemic.

    Your freedom to wave your arms ends at my face. Same goes for germs. This is not about freedom and rights, this is about ignorance, selfishness, stubborness, and stupidity in the face of a health emergency.

    At least 100K Americans have died from COVID-19 so far – how many more deaths do you want?

    Stay home and keep EC safe.

    P.S. You can pray anywhere, including at home.


    • Alex Meerkovich, why would it be okay for you to be in Ellicott City and not someone who disagreed with you?

      This argument that consistently comes from people advocating against going back to work assumes that a worker is going to come into your personal space. If you were home on your property, in your property and not milling about amongst throngs of people telling people to “go home,” like the hypocrite you have shown yourself to be, what concern is there for you?

      If you are sheltered, then what threat do workers represent to you? Admit it, this is not about people going back to work, media / social media said the appropriate “trigger” words to tap into your indoctrination and elicit the appropriately programmed response. As evidence of your indoctrination, I offer your outrage over MAGA gays when nothing in the article was said about MAGA or President Trump. Working has nothing to do with President Trump. Working is about self-worth, providing for yourself and your family, and contributing to the success of your community.

      You’re right about our area, Alex Meerkovich, our area is much better than your characterization because the protesters know a productive life is a more healthy life.


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