The state of Maryland ranks in the top 10 in many Coronavirus (COVID-19) statistics (according to Worldometer) related to total cases, deaths, and active cases. Here are some charts from Worldometer as of this morning (May 19th):

Total Cases: Maryland currently ranks 10th with 39,762 total COVID-19 cases

Total Cases per 1 Million Population: Maryland currently ranks 10th with 6,557 COVID-19 cases per million population (note – the US average is 4,684 COVID-19 cases per million population)

Total Deaths: Maryland currently ranks 10th in total deaths with 2,023 deaths attributed to COVID-19

Total Deaths per Million Population: Maryland currently ranks 10th in total COVID-19 deaths per million population with 335 (note – the US average is 278 COVID-19 deaths per million population)

Active Cases: Maryland currently ranks 9th with active cases of COVID-19 with 34,933

Testing is an area one would hope (given the numbers above) that Maryland would be high on the rankings…not so much per Worldometers.

Total Tests: Maryland ranks 18th in total COVID-19 tests performed with 201,506

Tests per Million Population: Maryland currently ranks 24th in COVID-19 tests per million population with 33,331 (note – the US average is 37,162 test per million population)

For those wondering Maryland ranks 19th in estimated population in the nation.

Not all of the news is bad…Maryland has seen some very positive news as it relates to the the number of acute and ICU beds used for COVID-19 patients:

This positive trend has begun to open up many counties across Maryland as part of Stage 1 reopening of Maryland plan:

Much of central Maryland is either partial opened or remains closed today.

These are numbers I will continue to watch from time to time as we continue through this pandemic.

Scott E


  1. Thank you Scottie. Maryland is top 10 and has a higher rate of deaths per sick people, lesser rates of tests per capita and yet taxes are so damn high, you’d think that would get you good public health. Bear in mind that figure is much lower when you consider a lot of those tests are being conducted and privately administered by Hopkins University research. Without that, we would be in the bottom quartile tier. There is your MD misleadership for you, powered by the democratic plantation party.

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