Announced via press release today:

Educators to host a community discussion on the impacts of recent racialized events

Event is part of the Howard County Black Lives Matter at School Movement

On Monday, May 18, The Black Lives Matter at School 365 coalition, in partnership with the Anti-Racist Education Alliance, LLC, announced an opportunity for virtual space for Black educators to discuss how recent events have made an impact on their lives, and to discuss what steps can be taken moving forward. The Let’s Talk Event will be held on Wednesday, May 27th at 6 pm.

The Black Lives Matter At School in Howard County 365 firmly stands against all forms of racism,  bigotry, and hatred in all forms within Howard County and beyond. The Black Lives Matter At School in Howard County 365 kicked off their season in February by demanding four (4) initiatives of the school system: 

  • End Zero Tolerance
  • Mandate Black History & Ethnic Studies
  • Hire more Black Teachers
  • Fund Counselors and Not Cops

Through a series of events, both face-to-face and virtual, we educated the community around the critical necessity of these demands. The recent exposure of posts made by a Howard County Board of Education Candidate highlights the insidious nature of white supremacy and institutionalized oppression that exists in Howard County, and our country.  This is the very reason why our movement exists.  The Black Lives Matter at School in Howard

County 365 is a local coalition organizing for racial justice in education during this “School-to-Prison Pipeline” era we find ourselves in, where the system is more interested in locking up youth than unlocking minds. 

The recent exposure of bigotry and racism in the Board of Education race is why we continue to demand that Black and ethnic studies be a graduation requirement for all Howard County students.  It is apparent that the lack of Black and ethnic studies has contributed to the dangerous and hate-filled rhetoric that has become the norm in our Board of Education race. Additionally, recent events such as racially insensitive social media posts from members of the community in Howard County and abroad, highlight the continuous damage to our communities of color due to ignorance.  Therefore, we demand a culturally relevant and responsive curriculum that centers and highlights the history and achievements of Black, Brown and Indigenious people. A classroom is incomplete if there is only one history taught to its students. 

The exclusion of Black History and Ethnic studies curriculum ends now. Our students of color deserve to feel empowered in the classroom, by seeing themselves in the curriculum and reading materials. Black History and Ethnic Studies must be included in K-12 classrooms. To effectively do this, all teachers should be mandated to participate in university and certification programs before blindly infusing Black history or Ethnic Studies into their curriculum. This will ensure that these changes occur with informed tools and dedication. 

We caution anyone who serves or  who wishes to serve Howard County, especially in the field of public education, that an anti-racist mindset is a requirement and not simply a preferred qualification for your position. We encourage all members of the Howard County community to do the necessary inner work- study the perspectives and history of dark people, and check your implicit biases- so that you won’t be inclined to be overtly racist at worst, and microaggressive at best.

The event itself is not open to the press, however educators who organized the event are available before or after for interviews. 

If you are interested in curriculum resources, learning about events in Howard County, or more general  information about the Howard County Black Lives Matter in Our Schools Week of Action, please explore The National Black Lives Matter in Our Schools or the Howard County Black Lives Matter in Our Schools Facebook Pages.


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