Howard County has added hospital capacity data to their COVID-19 Dashboard

Howard County has added hospital capacity data to the COVID-19 Dashboard. The additional section of the dashboard breaks down the Howard County General Hospital’s (HCGH) intensive care unit (ICU), acute beds, and ventilators that are in use and available. As one of the key metrics in County Executive Ball’s HoCo RISE framework, this data will be considered as Howard County moves towards reopening parts of our economy.

“Howard County General Hospital, a member of the Johns Hopkins System, is our only hospital, and a critical piece of how we are combatting the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Ball. “These metrics will guide our decision making and provide additional information to our residents who can track our progress alongside the Health Department and our experts. HCGH has been a supportive and transparent partner throughout this process, and we’re incredibly lucky to have their team looking after us.”

The goal is to ensure that capacity always exceeds utilization, which is currently met. An additional goal is to have an adequate care site plan in the event that utilization exceeds capacity. Howard County Government and HCGH are currently working on the alternative care site plan with the state.


You can view the Howard County COVID-19 Dashboard here:

Scott E

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