On Saturday May 16th at 10:00am Scott E’s Blog will host an online forum for the candidates running for Judge of the Circuit Court in Howard County.

All four candidates have been invited to participate in this online forum (Steve Musselman, Quincy Coleman John Kuchno and Steven Horvat) and I recently (May 15th at 4:40pm update) found out that all four candidates have now agreed to participate in the event.

This will be a forum to allow the candidates to let you know a little about their background and answer a few questions (similar to those they answered for the League of Women Voters of Howard County on the questionnaire): https://scotteblog.com/2020/05/11/league-of-women-voters-of-howard-county-primary-election-2020-voters-guide/

This will not be a debate style event like the Board of Education but a pure standard forum. Here is the format I am thinking about right now:

An opening statement from each candidate (3 minutes) to talk about their background, their qualifications and why they are running for this position.

Two or three questions similar to those asked by the League of Women Voters of Howard County (3 minutes for each question)

A final closing statement from each candidate (3 minutes)

This event will be held online and LIVE STREAMED on Scott E’s Blog Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/scotteblog/

Be sure to tune in and learn a little bit about the candidates for Judge of the Circuit Court before you send back your ballots to the Board of Elections.

Scott E


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