Gian Alfeo Withdraws from the Howard County Board of Education race in District 3

The following was posted on Facebook today:

Dear Neighbors and Community Members,

It is with a heavy heart that I announce my withdrawal from the 2020 HCPSS Board of Education Election, Effective immediately, May 14th, 2020.

I have learned a great many things on this brief journey. After reviewing my past, I have decided that I am not the best candidate for such a position. It is with sincerity that I apologize to any community member that has been offended by my transgressions. I am embarrassed by the FB posts that were mined from my account. I regret that I have lost the respect of many friends and community members during this process. It is my hope that over time I will be able to rebuild the trust and respect that has been lost during this campaign.

Please know that I have always had the best interests in mind for the children of Howard County. I intend to learn more about the individuals and groups that have been offended and look to the community for support in my personal growth.

There are two other fine candidates in D3. Please Vote for the individual that will best serve the needs of our most treasured asset, the students of HCPSS.


Gian Alfeo


Scott E

Article update: My spelling error is corrected. That darn spell checker got me again.

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  1. MusingsfromMe, Do you apologize to your husband over your looks or obesity? Some would see that as a shame, especially when you pick on the guys kids. Dont drag kids/families into your psuedo agendas. This is a recurrent theme in these areas.
    Alfie it seems has been the victim of PC shaming HOCO. He is entitled to his opinions and crass jokes… We all have made jokes, statements that can be seen as offensive by a certain group or set of individuals -yours too.
    Do I think his jokes represent his commitment to BOE? Nope. Would I as a peaceful moslem endorse him for office. Probably not in itself unless he has a compelling campaign issue. I think the bigger issue or danger is not who we agree with or disagree with, but that we tolerate
    others with sometimes diametrically opposing views. That is the best way to overcome such issues. Notice I didnt say accept, but tolerate. The flaw I see with most progressive types in HOCO, is they are so conditioned to these PC words and victim groups, they often miss the bigger picture and dwell on the perceived faux-paux to the point they become blinders and cause tunnel vision. Its a powerful way to pander to these groups, despite their hollow support when it comes to real life. That is how they easily get trounced on the ballot in non progressive areas too.

    There are explanations on the web floating around that give better context on the memes and timeline with his marital and PTSD trauma he was undergoing after tours of duty in those godforsaken disaster of wars. It also seemed he equally poked fun of various PC groups including that of white guys who get no slack, so to throw him under the bus as a small fish vet with PTSD, yet these same groups and individuals stay clearly silent of the presidential candidate is hypocritical at best. Biden, who has made worse personal utterances and actions against black people and is facing sexual harassment of women and is left silent should make people take these hit groups less seriously. Sleepy Joe who has a trail of carnage over his 40 years and is poised to be in the greatest position of the political landscape happens to be in the same party of a lot of these groups and suffice to say, they fear trampling or ruffling the feathers of their party bigwigs, so they leave the poor hapless women out to drown as they barrel on in their sinking titanic voyage taking pot-shots at visible SEALs in their hopes for making it to shore. Thankfully we already know how that liverpool bound trip ends and the rambling perp has a slim shot unless the orangeman really messes up in the next 4 months.
    Am sure we havent seen the last of Gian Alfeo. I urge others not to join this bandwagon of blame of one of our very own HOCO. He has admitted to his shortcomings. Have others??


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