Treasurer for Gian Alfeo resigns position from Board of Education campaign plus other related news

The following statement was sent to Scott E’s Blog from Ashley Alfeo:

I am the sole owner of my business and Gian is not an owner. The most he has ever provided was installing a security system in 2017 and looking over mechanic bills. I has previously asked him to remove that information from his website and Facebook page because it was false.

The issue is multi-fold for me. Members of my family have been in what is now HoCo since the late 1600’s and in Maryland since 1636. This community means a lot to me. I grew up here and chose to raise my family here. I hate seeing the corruption and poor financial planning of our county and school system.

I separated from Gian in 2015. We officially divorced in 2017 and I remarried. He asked me to be his Treasurer as a favor and I did. He had grown immensely since our divorce and became a better person, father, and involved citizen.

I own a business that is the only source of income for my family (again I am remarried) beyond my actual husband’s meager VA disability we have to live on. My husband is a combat wounded retired Marine. People have been attacking my livelihood now for weeks due to Gian’s campaign.

They also went for my children last week. I don’t want my Jewish children with Arab and African blood in them to be labeled because their father f–ked up 5 years ago. My oldest had a Facebook and is online. He can read what people are saying about his parents. My child with two LGBTQ godparents. My child raised to embrace all people. My child whose lifelong best friend is Black, Asian, and White.

My 4th grader no longer wants to return to public school. He is scared of kids who were once his friends. He doesn’t comprehend anything going on and because of his teenage brother’s big mouth he is now scared of Howard County and thinks his Dad is going to jail after he spent the last 3 weeks thinking he was going to die of COVID-19.

Where do I draw the line? I have lifelong friends and family no longer speaking to me over a man I left 5 years ago who posted inappropriate memes over 5 years ago even after I publicly denounced it on HoNu and my personal Facebook page. I left my role of treasurer and left his.campaign. I cannot condone those posts. They are awful and do not reflect myself, my children or my actual husband.

I did nothing wrong except trying to help out the father of my children when asked

Thank you,



This statement was released yesterday by CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations)

CAIR Condemns Maryland County Board of Education Candidate‘s Islamophobic Posts, Calls on County Republican Club to Repudiate

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nations largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, today strongly condemned Islamophobic social media posts discovered on the page of a Gian Alfeo, a Howard County Board of Education Candidate in District 3, and is calling on the Howard County Republican Club to repudiate the intolerant messages after writing that Alfeo “share[s] our conservative values.”

On Facebook, Alfeo re-posted an anti-Muslim and anti-Jewish meme depicting a package of bacon with the text “Refugee Test… If they eat it … Let them in.”

In another re-post, Alfeo shared an anti-Muslim image that states in part “I have a first amendment right … to say whatever I want about Muslims” and “Islam is not a religion of peace, and all of us who do live in peace should do whatever we can to defeat Islam”

Alfeo also shared several other anti-Muslim memes that that falsely correlate the terrorist group ISIS with Islam and express anti-Muslim sentiment.

In a statement, CAIR’s Director in Maryland Zainab Chaudry said:

“Howard County is home to hundreds of Muslim students enrolled in the public school system who rely on the county school board to provide them with an equitable education, protect them from discrimination and respect their rights. Candidates for the board have a responsibility to demonstrate impartiality and fairly advocate for every student in the school system without bias. CAIR condemns the negative impact these anti-Muslim posts will have on these children, which also do not reflect the county’s
motto to ‘Choose Civility.’”

In a statement from, Howard County Councilwoman Christiana Rigby, who represents District 3, said:

“The Howard County Board of Education is responsible for the education, safety, and well-being of nearly 60,000 students of all religions, races, identities, and backgrounds. I strongly denounce the xenophobic, hateful, and anti-Muslim views and content shared by a candidate for the Board of Education – prejudice has no place in public office.”

The Muslim civil rights groups thanked Councilwoman Rigby for her principled statement and is calling on the county’s Republican Club to also publicly denounce these messages.

CAIR is America’s largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization. Its mission is to enhance understanding of Islam, protect civil rights, promote justice, and empower American Muslims.



A comment on the article “Howard County Muslim Council statement about past online posts from a candidate for the Howard County Board of Education” was made by Sheridan Phillips (one of the large contributors to the Alfeo campaign for Board of Education in 2020):


Scott E

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