County Executive Calvin Ball Statement on Governor’s Stage One Reopening

County Executive Calvin Ball released the following statement addressing the Governor’s announcement this evening:

“Governor Hogan has given individual counties and regions the discretion to review our own data and make decisions about when it is appropriate us to relax certain restrictions. Howard County does not meet many of the criteria that the Governor outlined in his four building blocks to reopen.” 

Ball continued, “Our testing capacity has increased; however, we have only tested about 2% of our Howard County population, or nearly 6,000 individuals to date. Based on modeling to understand full exposure, we need to test up to 6,500 individuals a week. The Governor has demonstrated a commitment to acquire more testing, however these tests will likely go to larger jurisdictions first. Additionally, we do not yet have a robust contact tracing operation, we have 11 out of 45 positions currently filled, and need more time to achieve 15 contact tracers per 100,000 residents. Howard County has also not seen a decrease in cases or hospitalizations over the last 14 days, and borders six jurisdictions, a majority of which have significant case rates.” 


“Lastly, while we have ramped up our supply of PPE, it is still scarce and reopening sectors of our economy will increase demand making it more difficult to secure a safe stockpile.  

We do not have the building blocks in place that the Governor has outlined necessary for Stage One of reopening.

“We will continue to make decisions based on these data, and on the safety and welfare of our residents.


Dang it…no hair cut for Scott E yet.

That being said…I understand the position of our County Executive. As difficult as this is on all residents of our county, state and country…sometimes better safe than sorry.

Scott E


  1. So…what? Does Howard County go to partial reopening or not? It’s not clear from this article. Is the County Executive keeping Howard County status quo or are we going to partial reopening?

  2. Need a haircut? Head to Carroll Co.

    How many of the new cases and hospitalizations are from nursing homes?

    Maybe testing in Ho Co is low because no one is sick and seeking a test. Are we all supposed to go get tested, wether sick or not, just so we can say X have been tested?

  3. I disagree with Bounce the Ball, but what’s new. If we are behind on testing and PPE, that falls directly on him. HC should be leading the Sate, not getting left in it’s wake.

  4. Testing is only for people who have symptoms. Please reconsider this edict as it almost feels like a power play. Our numbers are decreasing.people will spend their money out of county.

  5. Calvin Ball is lying about cases not going down. Whether you agree with the decision or not, you can’t have the lead voice in the county misleading the public.

    Using the data from his office’s website shows a clear decline for a 14 day trend – and even going back as far as a 27 day trend. I provided Scott E the trend graph for the data – hopefully he will share it.

  6. All this talk about needing testing… someone should tell #droptheball that if there hasn’t been enough testing, it’s COVID19’s fault for not being as contagious as he needed it to be to keep Howard County locked down. I guess that’s why he had to move onto overt oppression. Although, I don’t think he’s bright enough to have done this on his own.

    I am concerned by the use of the RISE acronym for recovery. It’s way to close to the @hocorising twitter handle and the Elevate Maryland movement which was so malicious to HOCO parents in redistricting 2019.

    Not to mention the “Rise Up” fundraisers in New York.

    The “Rise Up & Lock Down” clothing line being marketed as of March 27, 2020 in Colorado.

    “Rise Up for Heroes” in St. Louis to support “front line” workers.

    “Rise Up for COVID-19 relief” in Australia

    You can “rise up” a lot for coronavirus, so much so, that I think the phrase has been co-opted into a battle cry by those groups wishing to keep coronavirus lockdowns in place indefinitely.

    I say all of that to drive home my bigger point, I don’t think Calvin Ball cares about Howard County, He is focused on the national picture. I think for Calvin Ball, Howard County is a launch point for a bigger, better role in the Democrat party. And his behavior, as it relates to the handling of coronavirus, proves just how willing he is to throw Howard County citizens into their homes and throw away the keys to gain favor by towing the party’s line. Withholding facts, omitting facts, and twisting facts, those are all forms of lying. Calvin Ball is a liar. And I am disturbed that a member of our county council, Christiana Mercer-Rigby, is walking lockstep with him. And all of this is hurting Howard County citizens and businesses.

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