Howard County Muslim Council statement about past online posts from a candidate for the Howard County Board of Education

The Howard County Muslim Council (HCMC) published the following statement on Facebook:

Anti-Muslim rhetoric should not be tolerated anywhere in our community, whether workplaces, public areas, or our schools. The Muslim community has been targeted in the past at a national level, and we are saddened to have to inform our friends and neighbors that we have been targeted at a local level once again.

Recently we learned that a candidate for the Howard County Board of Education shared and publicly posted extremely offensive rhetoric that was not only anti-Muslim, but also racist and misogynistic over the course of the last five years.

This is not acceptable.

In a county as diverse as our own, we cannot simply stand by and allow bigotry to go unchallenged, because any one of our other diverse community groups could be next. We unconditionally condemn this bigotry and we call upon fellow community leaders to stand with us to denounce this hateful rhetoric.


I spoke to members of the HCMC and this is directly related to the information and images shared by Howard County Progress Report blog article “Analysis of Scott E’s D3 BOE Debate” related to Gian Alfeo (HoCoBOE candidate in District 3).

Those are some pretty bad images and the candidate has admitted to publishing those images. Here is information shared on Facebook in the Howard County Neighbor United Group from the candidate about the images:

Again…these are pretty bad images and I will not share them here on this blog…but you can see examples in the link above in the “Analysis of Scott E’s D3 BOE Debate” post. My understanding is there are other similar images floating around on various Facebook groups in the comments.

I can say I am disappointed in the images shared from a candidate running for office and fully understand this statement from The Howard County Muslim Council.

As readers of the blog you can decide what you think of the images and memes and in the end decide to vote or not vote for this candidate because of the images shared online in the past.

Scott E

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  1. Honestly I am shocked. I have met and talked with Mr. Alfeo and thought he was a good guy with some good plans for the schools, especially related to special ed. However I certainly agree that we cannot tolerate any anti Muslim rhetoric. This is not the American way!


  2. I am not sure why you would be surprised, but I am glad you are not defending his behavior. Fully supporting candidates who have no track record of being involved in our education system but simply say that they align with your views on a single issue is not a wise way to vet candidates. Redistricting is only one part of what the Board does every day and won’t happen again for at least 3 years, and only to open a new high school.

    Instead, you chose to yell at Ms. Coombs at a public forum—that her incumbent contender chose not to attend (likely to avoid being demeaned in the way Ms. Coombs was). You told her she “had some nerve” running again and even showing up and that you would do “everything in your power” to stop her. The moderators had to stop you from speaking because you were yelling “that is a lie!” from the audience. Choose Civility? Maybe it would be a better use of time to do everything in your power to get to know candidates and our BOE processes, particularly those who have no involvement in the BOE prior to August.


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