Howard County Council Member David Yungmann Comments on Proposed FY21 Tax Increases

David Yungmann District 5 County Council posted the following information on Facebook on May 11th:

I am both disappointed and frustrated that the County Council is being forced to consider two tax increases, growth in operational spending and new long term bond debt that far exceeds the pre-COVID recommendations. None of these components of the County Executive’s proposed fiscal year 2021 budget reflects the financial losses and anxiety that thousands of our citizens are enduring right now. The attached video clip provides context to why I am so committed to budget reductions this year.

I will oppose both tax increases and push hard to bring all spending down. I have scrubbed the capital budget and will be sponsoring a budget amendment to reduce that spending by $35 million (30%) and reallocate some funding between different capital projects. The outcomes will be a reduction in new borrowing, the preservation of one-time operating funds that can be used to offset this temporary revenue interruption, and continuation of priority capital projects despite the current economic crisis. I am also working through various scenarios, including deferral of wage increases, elimination of vacant positions and limiting new efforts by departments, in order to reduce operating expenses by the additional $10-$15 million needed to balance the budget without the tax increases. Please support these efforts by sending your thoughts to the County Executive and other Council members who can be emailed at and

Here is that video clip shared in that post:

I added it on YouTube to embed it into this post:


Here are a few articles on this topic written by this blog:

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The proposed FY2021 operating budget from Howard County Government would increase spending by more than $34 million (or a 2% overall increase):

The question for residents…in the world we live in today with businesses closed, people out of work and the rough financial situations we all face today due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic…is THIS the year that our elected officials should be looking for another round of tax increases in Howard County?

We now wait to see if the County Council moves forward with THESE tax increases on residents.

Scott E

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One comment

  1. Professional politicians know that the best time to increase taxes is during a crisis.

    Most families in HoCo that have a furloughed or unemployed bread winner cut back on expenses. And, if the other spouse that might be working does not go to his/her boss and say “our household income has gone down, so I need for you to give me a raise.”
    Well, that is what the county gov’t is saying.

    I am not suggesting the county layoff full-time employees. Maybe, they should cut back on some capital projects and use those funds for projects that keep people employed efficiently. Maybe, have public works employees pave more roads. Paint fire hydrants.
    Offer summer school.
    Maybe, Calvin reduce his security detail. Doesn’t Calvin have 2 county suvs. ???
    I am sure there are thousands of other places the county can cut back without drastically reducing part-time/full-time employees.

    Maybe, the county executive and county council make a symbolic cut back in their pay?


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