Maryland State Police report 103 people have been charged with violating the Governor’s Executive Order

The Maryland State Police tweeted out the following information on May 6th:

From 3/24 through 5/5, law enforcement in MD has conducted 35,785 compliance checks & responded to 3,028 calls for service related to the Governor’s Executive Order. There have been 103 people charged with violating the Governor’s Executive Order by MD law enforcement agencies.


This is from March 23rd:

CLOSURE OF ALL NON-ESSENTIAL BUSINESSES: Governor Hogan has enacted an emergency order to close all non-essential businesses across the state, effective at 5 pm today.


It will be interesting to see what happens going forward after the announcement today “Effective at 7AM tomorrow, the list of safe outdoor activities will be broadened to include: golf, tennis, boating, fishing, camping. Closed functions at state parks will be reopened, including all state beaches for walking and exercise, and playgrounds”.

I will have to keep a close eye on that Twitter account for future updates.

Scott E

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