County Executive Calvin Ball to Re-Visit Columbia Testing Site

Testing capacity now at nearly 200 appointments per day

Howard County Executive Calvin Ball is visiting the COVID-19 drive-thru testing center at the Columbia VEIP Station on Tuesday, May 5th at 10 a.m.

“The Howard County testing site has been able to increase testing capacity weekly since opening in early April, with capacity now at nearly 200 appointments a day,” said Ball. “We’re grateful to have a dedicated team of professionals managing this location as it is clear from all the nation’s health experts that re-opening our economy will rely on robust testing.”

WHAT:         Columbia Testing Site Media Availability

WHEN:         Tuesday, May 5th at 10 a.m.

WHERE:       Columbia VEIP Station, 6340 Woodside Ct #1071 in Columbia, MD. Staging area is in the cul de sac opposite the entrance to VEIP site and COVID-19 testing registration tent.

WHO:           Calvin Ball, Howard County Executive


This might be an opportunity to get some photos and maybe even live stream what the County Executive talks about today with the media. Be sure to check Scott E’s Blog Facebook page just in case I can get out and about today (always dependent on my work schedule).

Here is the video shared from the CE’s first public visit to the testing site:

Here is the location of the Columbia VEIP Station:

Scott E

Article Update: Check out photos from the event here:


  1. Is this not just plain PR -undeservedly I must add?. This man has done absolutely nothing to assist COVID-19 sick people and their families. One could argue maybe if it were Hogan posing for a photo-op next to the test center with masks that would be allowable given the strings his dear Korean wife pulled to help Marylander first responders and patients with PPE kits. This is something even the Candian govt cant provide for its first responders with China turning back 2 of its cargo planes empty handed in a humiliating east vs west jab ( But Calvin Ball best known for his sneaky brand of politics (developer/biz/redistricting agendas) is better suited holding a shovel or carpet bag.

    Scottie, I know you trying to keep the public abreast, but independent media know there’s a thin line between govt information and influence when in comes to government/establishment publicity. Let the corporate MSM pander to their politicians. There will always be Sinclair broadcasting and channel 2,3,4 or 7 TV he can run to for these silly photo ops.

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