The four candidates running for Howard County Board of Education (Kirsten Coombs, Jen Mallo, Sezin Palmer and Matt Levine) joined Scott E’s Blog on May 2nd for a debate. The debate was scheduled for and lasted 1 hour (or lasted just over 1 hour).

We were able to get four questions in during the debate…covering items like redistricting, communication, COVID-19 and who would be best to work with other elected officials.

You can watch the debate on Facebook here:

You can Watch the debate on YouTube here: (the video quality is not as good as it is on Facebook):

You can listen to to debate on Scott E’s Blog podcast channel here on PodBean:


I expect the debate to be on Scott E’s Blog podcast channel on iTunes here very soon:

I want to thank all of the candidates for joining Scott E’s Blog for this event. I think it went well and some interesting things were said in the debate. Be sure to check it out.

Scott E


  1. Thank you Scott E! I listened with an open mind, although, I am not a fan of the current BOE, and after additional research and this debate was am co finest I’ve maje an intelligent decision as to whom I want to represent my/my child’s interests in the 2020 BOE election.

  2. This is the first time that I have accessed your blog. This event was well run and helped me choose the candidate that I will vote for.

  3. Thank you Scott. I got my ballot in the mail, and thought to myself “who are these people?” This debate helped me make my decision. It was nice being able to listen to it on my schedule. Even when all of this quarantine is done, please continue to post these.

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