Howard County Board of Education candidate Jen Mallo announces endorsements from elected officials

During the Howard County Board of Education District 4 Candidate Debate on May 2nd Jen Mallo announced endorsements from elected officials in Howard County. Here is what she announced:

Deb Jung (Howard County Council – District 4), Clarence Lam (Maryland State Senator – District 12), Jessica Feldmark, Terri Hill and Eric Ebersole (Maryland State Delegates in District 12) are the noted elected officials that were mentioned in the announcement today.

The image at the top of the article was shared publicly on Facebook by the page “Jen Mallo for HCPSS Board of Education” after the debate had ended.

I do not remember many (or actually any recent) announcements of elected officials weighing in on the Board of Education races in Howard County in this way in the past.

Local political clubs have been weighing in on the HoCoBOE races a bit in 2020: “Political clubs in Howard County weigh in on the Board of Education race in 2020“.

Now that HoCoBOE candidates run by district is this the expected new normal and will we see other elected officials weigh in on these races for HoCoBOE? I will be watching just in case they do.

Scott E

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