Summary and notable items from the campaign finance reports of candidates running for Howard County Board of Education

It is that time again…a chance to review the campaign finance reports (Pre-Primary 1 Reports) of candidates running for Howard County Board of Education. Here is a basic summary of money received, spent and cash on hand for each candidate in each district:

That is a lot of incoming money and a lot of cash on hand for a local board of education race. More than $96,000 of incoming contributions (of various types including candidate loans) this reporting cycle and more than $83,000 cash on hand for the 16 active candidates.

Here are some notable items on the reports (things I am looking at as notable include: donations over $500, donations from elected officials in Howard County, PAC money, money from other political campaigns and other stuff I think is significant):

District 1:

Christina Delmont-Small – $20,843.51 cash balance

  • CAPA PAC – $380 ($3,380 this election cycle)

Matthew Molyett – $517.53 cash balance

  • No notable items on the report

District 2:

Larry Pretlow – $4,528.85 cash balance

  • Dull, Timothy – $750
  • Harriman, Thomas – $1,000
  • Phillips, Sheridan – $1,000
  • Swatek, Russ – $500

James Cecil – $236.73 cash balance

  • Burrows, Michele – $1,100

Antonia Watts – $810.24 cash balance

  • Barkley, Shelby – $500
  • Sabina Taj (elected official) – $20.00
  • Transfer from the campaign account of Delegate Frank Turner – $100

District 3:

Gian Alfeo – $2,308.67 cash balance

  • Harriman, Thomas – $1,000
  • Phillips, Sheridan – $1,000

Tom Heffner – ALCE – Does not intend to receive contributions or make expenditures in the cumulative amount of $1,000 or more

  • Filed an ALCE so no notable items

Jolene Mosley – $2,165.05 cash balance

  • Sabina Taj (elected official) – $19.46

District 4:

Kirsten Coombs – $11,117.31 cash balance

  • No notable items on the report

Matt Levine – $1,024.18 cash balance

  • No notable items on the report

Sezin Palmer – $2,560.92 cash balance

  • Dull, Timothy – $1,000
  • Harriman, Thomas – $1,000
  • Kukata, Mahesh – $1,000
  • Offutt, Stephen – $1,000
  • Phillips, Sheridan – $1,100
  • Salimova, Sabina – $600
  • Wan, Jon – $549
  • Yungmann, David (elected official) – $50.00
  • CAPA PAC – $3,000
  • Przyzycki, Theodore – $800 (In-Kind)
  • Walton, Scott – $800 (In-Kind)

Jen Mallo – $11,807.33 cash balance

  • Batchik, Thomas – $750
  • DeBoy, Robert – $500
  • Gibson, Richard (elected official) – $50.00
  • Lee, Kelly – $500
  • Oldfield, Donna – $700
  • Taj, Sabina (elected official) – $20.00
  • MM LaFeur – $565 (In-Kind)
  • Rambo, Maria – $5,500 (In-Kind)

District 5:

Saif Rehman – $7,441.80 cash balance

  • Dull, Tim – $1,602
  • Harriman, Thomas – $1,000

Cindy Vaillancourt – $569.63 cash balance

  • No notable items on the report

Yun Lu – $15,681.95 cash balance

  • Harriman, Tom – $1,000
  • Kan, Hongjun – $650
  • Lu, Shun – $500
  • Mr Car Inc – $500
  • Wang, Bing – $500
  • Yungmann, David (elected official) – $40

Gene Ryan – $1,569.73 cash balance

  • Yungmann, David (elected official) – $50
  • Konstantine’s Greek Taverna – $691.25 (In-Kind)

Hopefully I got all of the notable items mentioned at the top of this article for each report. There were 16 reports of active candidates to review in a short period of time. If you think I missed anything of note – let me know in the comments.

I checked and Daniel Margolis (District 4) has not filed any reports as of this post (another indicator that this person is not really running for office). It is unfortunate that this name can not be removed from the ballot (my opinion).

There are some names of “significant” contributors to campaigns that is hard to miss above as they show up on multiple reports:

  • Dull, Timothy – $3,352 to 3 candidate campaigns (update – Timothy Dull also provided $500 to Christina Delmont-Small noted in the January report)
  • Harriman, Thomas (from California) – $5,000 to 5 candidate campaigns – Also noted as Harriman, Tom on one of the reports
  • Phillips, Sheridan – $3,100 to 3 candidate campaigns (update – Sheridan Phillips also provided $1,000 to Saif Rehman noted in the January report)

More than $11,000 from three individuals donors in this reporting period. That is a bunch of money for a local BOE race…but perfectly legal. Nearly half of that noted money coming from California…makes you wonder why.

The elected officials noted above are all low dollar amounts and probably (my guess) are costs associated with attending candidate events (ticket costs)…back when we could do that kind of thing.

Here is a link to my Google Drive folder with all of the reports from April:

I did not do this detailed a report back in January because we did not have all of the candidates in the race at that point…but there were some significant filings back in January (especially for Christina Delmont-Small, Kirsten Coombs and Saif Rehman)

Here is a look at the summary chart with information from the January reports and the April reports:

Here is a link to my Google Drive folder with the reports from January:

There is more to look over and when I get some additional time to do a deeper dive into these reports I may have additional posts in the future. People have been sending me emails or messages of things to review and so I have a listing of to do items related to these reports.

Scott E

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One comment

  1. There might actually be 2 Thomas Harriman’s. There is one listed as nickname Tom 70’s who lives in Clarksville (directly effected by redistricting) and moved here from Santa Barbara and another older Thomas Harriman still in California (father?). BTW: Internet and open source data is great for tracking this down.

    Clear from pattern of donations the anti-redistricting folks have both the cash and the anger (thanks to HC Neighors United and Steve Keller on Facebook) to support any candidate who opposes redistricting. The unfortunate thing to me is that both incumbents on BOE that remain, Wu and Cutroneo, are both in the anti-redistricting side and we can easily wind up with a majority of conservatives on the BOE in a primarily liberal County.


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