The Chinese American Political Association (CAPA) PAC announced endorsements for three Howard County Board of Education candidates back in March of 2020: Chinese American Political Association PAC announces endorsements for 2020 BOE election. It is not uncommon for Political Action Committees (PACs) to provide funding for candidates they support…it is also not uncommon for me to note those contributions in campaign finance reports.

Here is a look at the amount of money CAPA PAC has provided candidates (so far) running for Howard County Board of Education in 2020:

Christina Delmont-Small (District 1): $3,380: A $3,000 contribution was noted on November 24, 2019 and a $380 contribution was noted on January 15, 2020 – both contributions were made in advance of the announcement for endorsement in March.


Sezin Palmer: $3,000 (District 4): A $3,000 contribution was noted on March 4, 2020 -the day of the endorsement announcement.

Yun Lu (District 5): $0: No noted contributions have been made to this candidate on any campaign finance reports I could find for this election cycle.

So $6,380 is a pretty decent amount of money to inject into a Board of Education election cycle…OK…maybe not this election cycle (wait until you see the total amount of money raised during this last reporting period from all HoCoBOE candidates) but most election cycles I have followed in the past this amount of money would be even more notable.

I reached out to the contacts I have for CAPA PAC to ask the question about why there has been no funding for Yun Lu up to this point and have not heard back from the three emails I sent out on this topic (at least not directly answering this question). If I get a response I will update this article.

ARTICLE UPDATE: Here is the response I got from CAPA PAC yesterday evening: “CAPA PAC is fully committed to help Ms. Delmont-Small, Ms. Palmer and Dr. Lu to be successfully elected to Howard County Board of Ed. We will continue to use all our available resources including the fund to reach this goal in the most efficient manner as collectively decided by our board.”

CAPA PAC has more than $8,000 cash on hand per their latest report so possibly additional contributions will be distributed during the primary or during the general election.

Jan 2020 filing:

April 2020 filing:

Everything that CAPA PAC has done is perfectly legal and allowed and I would not claim otherwise…just a notable fact in any election cycle and something I like to follow on campaign finance reports.

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Scott E