Howard County Board of Education Member Vicky Cutroneo addresses MPIA letter

Howard County Board of Education Member Vicky Cutroneo shared the following information about a recent MPIA request letter:

This  letter was recently shared with me and it follows a series of mpia and news media inquiries that began on April 8th which hinge on the assumption that I was caught doing something unethical.

If you are interested in a complete timeline, click here; otherwise, here is the gist:

I self reported a conflict of interest prior to a contract coming before the Board; I was not “caught”. For reasons I can only assume to be less than noble and more than political, the questioning of my integrity continues and I think it’s probably time to put it to rest by sharing documentation. 

I had hoped that the issue was resolved after I self reported,  but it has become clear that the goal is not to ensure that the Board of Education is held up to the highest ethical standards.  The goal is to smear my reputation without regard for both the truth and the good name of a company that my husband has spent thirteen years building from the ground up.  

It is ironic that I am being threatened with an ethics complaint for being ethical. Using the MPIA process and ethics panel to advance political and special interest agenda is cowardly and erodes the very spirit of accountability, truth and transparency that we are trying to achieve.  If you continue to have concerns, I am more than happy to share documents, emails.   Please contact me directly and I will answer publicly. 


Vicky Cutroneo, Vice Chair, Howard County BOE


Just to address a few of things as it relates to Scott E’s Blog:

  • Did I receive an original copy of this letter…yes.
  • Do I have the name that has been removed from the version of the letter shared online….yes.
  • Will I share information related to the name listed as the sender….no.

The request has not been added to the HCPSS MPIA page yet: MPIA requests 2020-377 through 2020-382 are all dated after the April 18th date on the letter and none of those are this request.

The letter requests that this letter is to serve as an official complaint to the Ethics Panel…since the current Ethic Panel has been disbanded I wonder who will deal with it or if it will be put on hold until a new Ethics Panel is established.

Scott E

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