Here is a summary of items discussed at the Governor Hogan’s press conference related to “Maryland Strong: Roadmap to Recovery” on April 24th from the twitter account of Kata D. Hall (@katadhall) – Deputy Communications Director & Senior Speechwriter:

1) @GovLarryHogan is holding a press conference at the state house in Annapolis to rollout his ‘Maryland Strong: Roadmap to Recovery.’

2) For several weeks, the governor and his team have been consulting with leading scientists and public health experts including @T_Inglesby and @ScottGottliebMD to develop a safe, effective, and gradual roadmap to recovery for Maryland.

3) On Wednesday, as @NatlGovsAssoc chairman, the governor released an NGA report giving reopening guidance to governors across America. Maryland’s ‘Roadmap to Recovery’ utilizes White House guidelines, NGA plan, and plans released by @AEI and @JohnsHopkinsSPH


4) Federal guidelines call for states to meet specific gating metrics before considering lifting restrictions, including a 14-day downward trend in key numbers. Because of early/aggressive actions, Maryland has successfully flattened and lengthened the curve.

5) Number of new #COVID19 cases is still rising in Maryland and throughout National Capital Region, so by federal standards and guidance in multiple reopening plans, Maryland is not yet able to lift restrictions.

6) With dramatic increase in testing, Maryland will continue to see increase in case numbers. Key numbers we are most focused on are the rate of hospitalizations and number of patients admitted to ICU.

7) When we start seeing a downward trajectory or a consistent plateauing of those metrics, Maryland will be in a position to consider lifting the stay at home order and beginning recovery plan.

8) ***@GovLarryHogan: Hopeful that if Marylanders continue staying home and practicing physical distancing, and numbers continue to plateau, we could begin the recovery in early May.

‘Roadmap to Recovery’ has 3 stages. READ THE PLAN HERE:

9) STAGE ONE. Lifting the stay at home order; reopening of many small businesses; lower risk community activities and quality of life improvements resume. Could include reopening golf courses, return of recreational boating and fishing, elective outpatient surgeries.

9a) Local governments could have additional flexibility to open further things like local parks and playgrounds, municipal recreation centers, and libraries, if appropriate safety protocols could be followed.

10) STAGE TWO. Would begin if stage one activities resume without a spike in deaths, a sustained spike in ICU cases, or significant outbreaks of community transmission. Stage two would include more businesses reopening, nonessential workers who cannot telework returning to work.

10a) Stage two would include resumption of indoor religious gatherings with limited capacity, raising limits on social gatherings, return to normal transit schedules, opening restaurants and bars with significant safety restrictions.

11) STAGE THREE. Involves reinstituting higher risk activities including larger social gatherings, opening of high-capacity bars and restaurants, lessened restrictions on visits to nursing homes/hospitals, entertainment venues, larger religious gatherings.

12) Governor Hogan is transitioning the ‘Maryland Coronavirus Response Team’ of doctors and public health experts, which includes Dr. Inglesby and former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, to create a new ‘Coronavirus Recovery Team.’


13. Governor Hogan has directed @MDBiz to form advisory groups to develop recommendations and best practices for their industries to responsibly operate. Their recommendations will also be carefully reviewed by the Coronavirus Recovery Team.

14. Governor Hogan has established two advisory groups through the Governor’s Office of Community Initiatives to get valuable ongoing input during the recovery from religious groups and nonprofit organizations.

15. As we begin to reopen, it will be important for Marylanders, particularly the older and more vulnerable, to stay at home. They should continue to avoid crowds, practice physical distancing, and take precautions to protect themselves, their families, and fellow Marylanders.


Mike Ricci provided the following information: Here’s the full list of Maryland’s Coronavirus Recovery Team:

Watch the video from the press conference here:

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