Political clubs in Howard County are (and have been) weighing in on the Howard County Board of Education (HoCoBOE) races happening in 2020. Those that have been readers of my blog for some time know I am not a fan of bringing the politics from the “Right” or “Left” into the HoCoBOE race(s). The candidates I have interviewed and asked the question “should the HoCoBOE races be partisan political elections” all have said it should not and the races should remain non-partisan. That being said it happens every election cycle from both sides so I am just documenting it here on the blog for this election cycle.

Back on March 29th the Howard County Republican Club Facebook page shared the following image:

Since that post a number of individual “candidate profile” posts has also been shared from that club on social media.

Yesterday the following image was shared with me from a post in the Columbia Democratic Club Facebook Group:


Sean Ford is the president of the Columbia Democratic Club.

Neither entity has “officially” endorsed any candidate in any district in the HoCoBOE races per those posts above…but just sharing those types of post is kind of an endorsement…right? Maybe that is just me.

Here is an interesting fact:

  • The “right” leaning club mentions 8 candidates in 5 districts.
  • The post from the club officer on “left” side mentions 6 candidates in 4 districts.
  • Left out of posts from both sides are Cindy Vaillancourt (District 5) and Tom Heffner (District 3) – I find that fact interesting.

I believe that the clubs and officers within the clubs have every right to support or even endorse any candidate (or candidates) they wish when it comes to any and all elections. I would never say that they do not have that right. That being said…I am not a big fan of it. I support people because they are the best people to serve on the board…not ever because of what party they are a part of or what party supports or endorses those candidates.

I recommend you all do your research about the candidates above and beyond simple endorsements from political entities or any organization. If not…you might be disappointed in the future (my opinion).

I have heard some rumors about additional endorsements coming out in the near future. They are just rumors at this point and I am waiting to see if they come true. If what I am hearing is correct I will document it here on the blog and provide my opinion about it.

Have thoughts…let me know in the comments.

Scott E


  1. It is pretty straightforward. Democrats support pro redistricting-socioeconomic factors considered candidates; GOP supports anti-redistricting-leave neighborhood schools (status quo) candidates. There is no candidate from District 5 recommended by Democratic Club because they are all anti-redistricting.

    From a Facebook perspective for most part (not entirely since some are for redistricting as long as it doesn’t effect my kid) HOCO School Interest = Liberal Democrats/Howard County Neighbors United (formerly Redistricting Opposition) = Conservative GOP (with strong distaste for HCPSS and Superintendent Martirano who they blame).

    Personally I like this breakdown because it lays out clearly, for those who haven’t been paying attention, how candidates line up and people can vote for who resonates with their views. In person and in interviews many candidates lie or hedge their real views to get elected – surprise surprise.

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