Podcast interview with Howard County Board of Education candidate in District 3 – Tom Heffner

I continue my podcast interviews with candidates running for Howard County Board of Education in 2020. My 14th candidate interview I was able to get successfully on the books and recorded is with Tom Heffner (candidate for HoCoBOE in District 3 in 2020).

Here is the interview with Tom Heffner: https://scotteblog.podbean.com/e/howard-county-board-of-education-candidate-tom-heffner/

To learn more about Tom Heffner or to follow him on social media…check out these resources (Website | Facebook)

I have now completed all of the scheduled one on one interviews with candidates running in the primary for Howard County Board of Education. You can listen to all of the past interviews here:  https://scotteblog.podbean.com/

My next idea is to setup some debate style online sessions with the candidates (Learn More Here). If I am successful in getting those scheduled I will be sure to let the community know as soon as possible.

Scott E

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