Lost Ark Distilling Company (located in Columbia) has converted a significant portion of its distilling capabilities to make hand sanitizer to help meet critical needs in the fight against COVID-19. Howard County Executive Calvin Ball recently posted the following information and video on Facebook:

Howard County Government is utilizing local businesses and vendors to meet our urgent, emergency needs during the coronavirus response. Lost Ark Distilling Company was among the first companies to switch from distilling spirits to making the much-needed hand sanitizer.

Thank you to Brad Blackwell and the entire Lost Ark team for helping our community during this challenging time. We are stronger together and we will get through this.

For those that love the spirits from Lost Ark Distilling Company worry not…they still are offering those products as well:


Lost Ark recently (April 15th) posted a recipe that I really want to give a try:

National Banana Day, you say? Let’s celebrate with Lost Ark’s Bayside Banana! Try this recipe on for size:

– 1 oz Terra Mariae Spiced Rum
– 1 oz Toasted Hazelnut & Coffee Flavored Rum
– 1 oz Half & Half
– 1 oz Milk
– 1/2 oz Simple Syrup
– 1/2 Banana
– 1 cup of ice

*Combine all of the ingredients in a blender for a minute and then smash that LIKE button. Cheers!

That sounds legit like something I would try in the future.

Scott E