The People’s Voice (a civic/political organization with chapters in Howard and Montgomery Counties) has made their “Ethics Ballot” endorsements for Howard County Board of Education candidates in the 2020 Primary for 4 of the 5 districts:

District 1: Christina Delmont-Small

District 2: James Cecil

District 3: Jolene Mosley

District 4: Sezin Palmer


District 5: The People’s Voice did not make a primary endorsement for the 2020 Howard County Board of Education in District 5.

There were not enough votes for one candidate to make the endorsement at this time. Thank you to all for participating. We will reevaluate for the general election.


What I like about The People’s Voice endorsement of candidates is that the candidates are not from one side of the political spectrum. They choose candidates based on the organizations beliefs. I can fully understand and respect that aspect of choosing candidates to endorse. Many other local entities that provide endorsements do not have that same criteria when choosing candidates to endorse (they choose based on political leanings or perceived political leanings of candidates).

I am watching to see what other organizations put out their candidate endorsements…here are a couple I know about today:

If I have time I will try and put together a complete listing of endorsements from organizations prior to the 2020 primary.

Scott E


  1. Good picks….these look like a good set of BOE candidates I would support. We need more ethically fit officials who are transparent and dont have hidden agendas and are willing to disclose to independent groups their practices and policies.
    They say every populace deserves the leaders they elect. This goes both ways.

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