Candidates running for Howard County Board of Education (as well as candidates running for other offices in the 2020 Maryland Primary) Pre-Primary Campaign Finance Reports are due on April 28th. This will cover the reporting period from January 9 – April 21st. Here is a listing of the full reporting schedule:

Back in January I provided this article “Campaign Finance Reports for Howard County Board of Education Candidates and Elected Officials“. The next planned article will include all HoCoBOE candidates (they had not all filed when I wrote the last article back in January).

The article back in January was a summary that I plan to provide again after the 28th of April…but I will also be looking much more closely at these reports and reporting out “significant” items noted in the reports. I will be looking at interesting contributions, outstanding loans or bills, PAC funding (if any) and funding from other elected officials.

Do not be surprised to see a push for donations over the next few days from various candidates running for office (as the reporting period ends on the 21st of April).

Stay tuned and check back on April 29th for my first article on this topic (I may have multiple articles depending on what I find in the reports).


Scott E