Noted in the Howard County Police Daily Crime Bulletin, Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Theft from vehicle/vehicle break-in

Jessup, 20794:

10600 block of Iron Bridge Road, April 3-14, two vehicles: catalytic converters

8300 block of Washington Boulevard, April 13-14 overnight, three vehicles: catalytic converters


I am going on the assumption in the first item noted above that the date noted (April 3-14) is meant to say April 13-14.

Here are the locations noted above: (click image to view Google map)

10600 block of Iron Bridge Road

8300 block of Washington Boulevard

Are catalytic converters so easy to steal from vehicles and the resale value so high that this is really a thing now? This is far from the first time I have seen this type of action noted in the Howard County Police Crime Log.

Scott E


  1. I actually had my car sitting on 695 overnight to get a tow in the morning. Found out that my harmonic balancer blew. But when I drove off, my car was really loud, only to find out that someone had recently cut out my catalytic converter. Approximately 2.5 grand gone on a matter of two days.

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