I thought it might be fun to try and hold an online Howard County Community Conversation about some of the topics I write about on the blog. I am going to give it a shot this afternoon at 5:00pm today via Zoom. Here is information about the online meeting via the Facebook event on Scott E’s Blog Facebook page:

Join the online meeting to discuss the following items in our community:

1. Howard County Council Bill 1-2020 is shot down by 3 councilmembers (


2. Should the Howard County Council consider adjusting the mixed drink carryout and delivery limits during the Coronavirus outbreak? (


Please answer the confirmation question and I will send the invite to the Zoom meeting.

All Zoom meeting participants will be place into the waiting room once they enter the meeting. I will then approve entry into the meeting. Audio and video may be limited for all participants in order to protect the meeting (but chat will be open to all to ask questions) and I will look to open participant audio and video for questions on the topics during the meeting.

This is my first shot at this so we will see how it goes this time around. I am sure this will be a learning process for me in order to improve it over time.

Always feel free to direct message me for additional information.


If you are not on Facebook (or not following Scott E’s Blog on Facebook) but this is something that is of interest to you…email me ( and let me know what city you live in and I will email back a link to the Zoom meeting.

I am hoping this goes well and is useful to the community. It will be a bit of a learning process for me so be mindful of that (and kind) if this first session does not go perfectly.

Scott E