Delegate Warren Miller (District 9A – Howard & Carroll County) sent the following letter on April 14th to Governor Larry Hogan:

Dear Governor Hogan,

I write to you today with grave concern regarding the future of the State’s economy and the countless businesses and citizens out of work due to the outbreak of COVID 19. I know you are aware of the lost tax revenue, unemployment insurance claims and many small business owners on the brink of bankruptcy.

I want to express on behalf of my constituents the need for planning to re-open the state after the peak of the virus. The longer we delay a coordinated plan and communication of that plan, the more harm is being done to our constituents who want to work and our non-essential business owners that need to reopen. While models regarding the outbreak vary, one model, the Institute for Health Metrics & Evaluation (IHME) suggests that Maryland’s COVID 19 peak was April 11th. The IHME is an independent global health research center at the University of Washington.


Several states including from Texas, California, Oregon, Washington and Massachusetts have today announced their plans for a phased approach to re-opening their economies.

To that end, I write to you today, so as to implore you to give those Marylanders facing hard decisions today some hope in the near future. Without a reasonable timeline for restarting the economy and without hope, irreversible business decisions are being made every day.


Delegate Warren E. Miller
District 9A Carroll, Howard Counties


Here is a photo of that letter:


I am a little torn on this letter at this point.

On one hand I agree a plan would be great. The Governor and his staff should be looking at metrics and data and have a a plan on what things need to look like in order to re-open the businesses in the state.

On the other hand it seems early yet to publish that plan in full. We have been told over and over that there are not enough tests and we still do not really know the full extent of this outbreak.

The comment in the letter above that “While models regarding the outbreak vary, one model, the Institute for Health Metrics & Evaluation (IHME) suggests that Maryland’s COVID 19 peak was April 11th” seems odd to me. The number of new daily cases and the number of deaths in Maryland has continued to rise since April 11th…so I am not sure how that date could be “the peak”.

There is a new group on Facebook called “Reopen Maryland” that has over 9,000 members. The description of the group is “Reopen Maryland is a group of Maryland citizens concerned about the impact of mass shutdowns and school closures in response to COVID-19. We are committed to peaceful advocacy for public health measures that respect Marylanders’ civil rights, economic well-being and educational access. We support immediate, responsible reopening of our state’s business, educational and religious institutions. ”

Where do you stand on this topic…should Maryland push to reopen businesses in the near future or should the state continue to be cautious while evaluating the impact of this outbreak on Maryland residents?

Let me know in the comments.

Scott E


  1. I’m pretty certain that this virus has been here since early fall, and that millions of people have already had it, and recovered from it. We need to reopen everything on May 1st. If we sink into a depression, the results will be devastating. If you think we weren’t prepared for a pandemic, we are even less prepared for a depression….millions will die.

    • Marc Wisner
      You use the word “devastating”
      Then you state that “you are pretty certain this virus has been around here since…..
      Actually you know nothing.
      Are you an Epidemiologist ?
      Are you an an Infectious Disease Specialist?
      Are you a scientist with great experience in Communicable Disease?
      If the answer to these questions is No, then don’t give your opinions that could cause, to use your word, “devastating”, results in the death of humans.
      THAT is what will be devastating, because economy always bounces back but humans that die never bounce back. The country bounced back after the Great Depression and after that, so life is more important that money.

  2. We need to focus on health for our citizens over economy! We need to learn from the past- slow and steady wins the race they say.. and with this virus, we have no idea how to stop it, contain it, or heal the sick. opening the economy would be a disaster! Look at the locations of the US that refused to go along- now they have huge outbreaks and their systems are being overwhelmed. The Gov’t WILL NOT come to your rescue as we have seen. its not worth it. We need more time to discover what this beast of a virus will do..

  3. Given that our numbers continue to climb, I can’t believe anyone is advocating for Maryland to open up any time soon, as lovely as that would be.

  4. We need a Govenor with balls. We need a Republican govenor,not a Republican / Demacrat. Wolf in sheeps clothes. Is is continuing to take your rights to see how far he can go. We ar a Socialist country at this point. Mr. President take control of your country open the economy and lets move on. If you dont take control don’t look to get reelected. We can not afford a depression. It is time the American citizens/ we the people take back control of our country. Roll the bus loads to annapolis and washington take back a corrupt government and start over. And start fielling law suites for violation of our constitutional rights. COME ON WE THE PEOPLE LETS GET SOME BALLS.

  5. I don’t see how the state can reopen without massive testing– testing for the virus, testing for the antibodies, testing for community spread and contact testing. People who have the virus but are asymptomatic need to be identified, isolated, and interviewed to determine everyone with whom they have been in contact. Hospitals will need to be able to handle the number of people who are sick without disruption to other services. Lastly, people will still need to continue many of the safety protocols like wearing masks and washing hands until there is a vaccine. Unfortunately, Maryland and no other state is even close to achieving this, and since testing is not a priority of the Trump administration, it may be quite some time before Maryland can reopen without experiencing a resurgence of the virus– particularly in counties where the numbers are still low.

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