The following was tweeted out by Mike Ricci (Communication Director for Maryland Governor Larry Hogan) this morning:

NEWS: At Governor Hogan’s direction, Maryland will begin posting #COVIDー19 data by ZIP code.

Right alongside the work to put up the racial data, the @MDHealthDept team was moving to compile the ZIP code data. @MDMEMA has done a great job building out the dashboard map. You’ll be able to hover over a zip code and see the case count.


This is excellent news for those that have been asking for this information for some time now. I reported back on April 8th “Anne Arundel County Department of Health shares COVID-19 cases by zip code online” and it will be good to see this data for all of Maryland.

I am hoping that Howard County Health Department also begins to add this information to their dashboard.

Scott E


  1. It is not the ultimate tracking that we need- but it is a start! Hogan is doing an amazing job!! We are so very lucky to have him during this crisis- a true leader!

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