A friend and reader of the blog recently shared with me information out of Anne Arundel County showing that the county health department is sharing number of Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases by zip code within the county. Here is an image from April 6th of their dashboard: (their website seems a little glitchy today so you can see info on the AA Health Facebook page:

Here in Howard County we have one of the best local COVID-19 dashboards in the state of Maryland. Here is information that Howard County Health Department provides:

Obviously one of the items that Howard County Health Department does not provide is number of cases by zip code. I have asked for that information and was told that they could not share that information: “Unfortunately, city and zip code information regarding patients is considered, PII (Personally Identifiable Information) which precludes the Health Department from releasing it.”


I am not sure why Anne Arundel can share zip code information but Howard County can not at this time.

I have checked Montgomery, Prince George’s, Baltimore, Carroll, Frederick and Charles and none of those counties are providing that level of detail on their health department pages. Matter of fact…Howard County by far has the best page (my opinion) of all county pages noted above.

Anne Arundel has not updated their information since April 6th so I will check it out later to see if they continue to provide this level of detail going forward:

Scott E