Noted in the Howard County Police Daily Crime Bulletin, Friday, April 3, 2020

Theft from vehicle/vehicle break-in

Columbia, 21046: 9700 block of Clocktower Lane, April 2-3 overnight, tires


Here is that location:

The HCPD does not provide a lot of information on this incident in the daily crime log as you can see above in the information noted on Facebook.

The theft of tires seem to be more of a thing in the HCPD daily crime log (or maybe I am just noticing it more these days).

Recently on the blog I have written:

I now wake up and look outside to see if the tires on my vehicle are still there…that is kind of a bummer that I have reached that point.

Upside…our door camera looks directly at the vehicles out front. This makes the camera activate way more often than I like and I burn through a lot of batteries…but someday it may be worth it.

Scott E