Howard County government launched a new dashboard tracking COVID-19 in the county, including active cases, recovered cases, and deaths. The information is sourced from the Howard County Health Department and updates daily, it may differ from the Maryland Department of Health due to the timing of data collection.  

“This tool will allow Howard County to track cases of COVID-19, and ultimately measures our progress at limiting the spread of the virus,” said County Executive Calvin Ball. “We’ve taken extreme measures to implement social distancing and other mitigation efforts, and this data should show that impact over time. It is critical that we continue to adhere to the stay-at-home order and limit our interactions with others to keep our rate manageable.”  


This is a big step up from the information previously provided on the Howard County Health Department webpage concerning Coronavirus cases in Howard County.

Scott E


  1. Silly county. Think they can fool us by cherry picking the data. Why not just provide all data like Anne Arundel and let users see by Zip codes where the cases are. Why is HOCO and Ball always stingy with info sharing to the public who are PAYING for the services. Like crime and other PUBLIC info, HOCO is very secretive on sharing this info promptly. That miserable looking chart looks like it was concocted by some middle school project IT class. Come on HOCO, for all that money you receive, why not rise up to the occasion.

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