Announced on March 31st to the HCPSS community by Superintendent Michael Martirano:

Distribution of Chromebooks for use by students for distance learning will begin on Thursday, April 2. High school families who requested a device, either through the Student Technology Survey or directly from a staff member or interpreter, will receive an email from the HCPSS Information Technology Office with details on where and when devices may be picked up. Device distribution for middle and elementary families will occur at a later date. Students will need access to a device for approximately two hours of distance learning each day, so families will be able to share a single device. More information on student technology and device distribution is available online.


Read the full announcement here:

You can find complete information on the HCPSS website about each phase of their Continuity of Learning plan:

  • Phase 1 began Monday, March 13: Parents received resources for students to use for enrichment and skill-building at home, and as a bridge to the more formal Phase 3 learning.
  • Phase 2 began Monday, March 30: Yesterday, teachers began engaging virtually with students and families to support continued learning. This week, HCPSS teachers will begin professional learning to prepare for Phase 3 of distance learning.
  • Phase 3 will include more formal, teacher-led distance learning for high school students beginning on April 14 followed by elementary and middle school instruction beginning on April 20.

I will be interested in hearing how the one device per family works out. It sounds reasonable but I can see where that could be an issue for some families with more than one child in the household and in the school system.

Scott E