Podcast interview with Howard County Board of Education candidate in District 2 – Antonia Watts

I continue my podcast interviews with candidates running for Howard County Board of Education in 2020. My 11th interview I was able to get successfully on the books and recorded is with Antonia Watts (candidate for HoCoBOE in District 2 in 2020).

Given all of the concerns around Coronavirus and practicing “social distancing” we conducted the podcast interview using Zoom. It worked really well today.

Here is the interview with Antonia Watts:  https://scotteblog.podbean.com/e/howard-county-board-of-education-candidate-antonia-watts/

To learn more about Antonia Watts or to follow her on social media…check out these resources (Website | Facebook | Twitter)

I plan to continue conducting interviews this way in the near future with other candidates. I will continue to ask a variety of questions to the candidates just to mix it up a bit from candidate to candidate.

If you are a candidate for HoCoBOE in 2020 and are interested…reach out soon.

Scott E

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