The Howard County Department of Recreation and Parks is closing basketball courts, tennis courts and other recreational areas

Recreation and Parks Announces Additional Closures 

The Department of Recreation and Parks is closing the following recreational areas to encourage social distancing and discourage any gatherings at parks:  

  • All basketball courts 
  • Volleyball courts 
  • Tennis courts 
  • Pickleball courts 
  • Skate parks 
  • Disc golf course 

These additional closures will be in effect as of Tuesday, March 31. Playgrounds will remain closed. Parks gates will remain closed, but the parks will be available for people to walk, run, hike or bike as long as they are practicing social distancing.  

“Today’s order from the Governor stresses the seriousness of this virus as well as the penalties that can be enforced for those who do not comply,” said County Executive Ball. “To slow the spread, it is vital that we stay home and reduce contact with one another. These precautions taken by Recreation & Parks are to further limit the unintentional spreading of this virus, while still allowing outdoor recreation.”  

“In accordance with the Governor’s Executive Order, we’ve made additional closures to our recreational facilities,” stated Recreation & Parks Director Raul Delerme. “Walking, running and biking by yourself or with a family member is still allowed, but please practice social distancing by always staying at least six feet from other park users.” 


Scott E

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