One week ago today I wrote “Is Maryland headed towards a “Stay at Home” order today or in the near future due to the Coronavirus outbreak?“. That did not happen on March 23rd…but might it happen today with all of the latest news around COVID-19? We had 288 confirmed cases of COVID-19 on March 23rd…as of yesterday that number is 1,239 and rising quickly.

The following was sent out a little while ago:

Mike Ricci is the Communications Director for Maryland Governor Larry Hogan.

The last time (I noticed) he sent out a tweet like that was with the announcement about the press conference that extended school closures:

I have no inside knowledge that a stay at home order (or something similar) is coming today…but I would not be surprised. To be honest there is no specific information what this press conference could be about…so I am just speculating here.

I highly encourage everyone that can to tune in. I will have a recap later in the day of what is announced.

Scott E


  1. Live stream it to your page or something Scott, just in case I can’t get to it. Essential employee at work today!!

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