Maryland Governor Hogan is issuing a STAY AT HOME ORDER Effective 8 pm on March 30th

You can watch the press conference of the announcement about the “Stay At Home Order” issued by Maryland Governor Larry Hogan here:

Here are tweets with updates from Kata D. Hall (Deputy Communications Director & Senior Speechwriter):

3) The governor says that despite repeated warnings, some people are still choosing to ignore his executive orders. Those individuals are endangering themselves, and their fellow citizens.

3a) Anyone engaged in this type of reckless behavior is in violation of state law and is putting the lives of their family, their friends, and fellow Marylanders at risk.

**4) Governor Hogan is issuing a STAY AT HOME ORDER. No Maryland resident should be leaving their home, unless it is for an essential job or for an essential reason. Effective 8 pm TONIGHT.

4a) Only essential businesses are allowed to remain open. Businesses must scale down operations, institute as much telework as possible.

4b) Marylanders should not travel outside the state unless absolutely necessary. All Marylanders who have recently traveled outside the region should self-quarantine for 14 days.

5) To reinforce the severity of this order, the state will be issuing a WIRELESS ALERT to the phones and mobile devices of all Marylanders.


6) The governor is calling for the federal administration to take more action to support the federal workforce, including a regional testing site.

7) The governor is announcing that drive-thru testing sites will open at three VEIP stations, in Glen Burnie, Waldorf, and Bel AIr. Screening and testing site opens at FedEx field TODAY.

8) The governor provides an update on the state’s hospital surge efforts. We have ordered 500 additional new bed packages for on-site surge expansion at our hospitals, with an option for another 500 beds.

9) The governor gives an update on the state’s economic relief package. Adding $2 MILLION to Layoff Aversion Fund, for a total of $9 MILLION committed to the program.

9a) $8.8 million has already been provided to more than 400 small businesses, which has helped more than 8,000 Marylanders keep their jobs across the state.

9b) More than 5,300 applications have been received for the COVID-19 relief fund. More than 11,000 applications for the grant fund.

10) The governor is issuing an order to suspend any requirement that families pay premiums into the Maryland Children’s Health Program, so that families will not lose coverage during this crisis.

10a) Read the governor’s order:

11) @GovLarryHogan: “In the days to come, we are going to need to depend on each other, to look out for each other, and to take care of each other, because we are all in this together.”


Here is another good recap provided to the blog by Alison Pfannenstein:

My summary of Hogan’s Press Conference held Today at 1045

COVID Hogan PR 03.30

Today, Maryland has 1413 confirmed cases, with the youngest case being a 1month old infant. Over the weekend, the number of positive cases has increased by 397% and deaths tripled from 5 to 15. We also had a terrible outbreak in a nursing home in mt. airy where 60+ residents and 20+ staff are infected. Overall, the number of cases across MD, DC, VG have quadrupled with 51 passed; there are 2709 confirmed cases in this area.

Those not taking pandemic seriously and are downplaying this, we can expect millions of cases and hundreds of thousands of deaths.. more than the Korean and Vietnam war deaths combined. This virus is spreading rapidly and exponentially. In 2wks time MD, VA, DC could look like NY & the tri-state area. MD has taken some of the earliest and most aggressive social distancing actions in America, but in spite of this some people are choosing to ignore executive orders and directives. they are endangering others and are in violation of state law.

This morning, Hogan has signed an executive order that institutes a stay-at-home directive. Do not leave home unless it is for an essential job or essential reason (food, medicine, ect.). Essential businesses only will remain open, and are expected to implement telework as much as possible. No Marylander should be traveling outside of the state. If you have, self-quarantine for 14 days. Use remote forms of communication, reschedule non-essential appointments of any time; do not use public transit unless they you are essential personnel or it is absolutely necessary.

This is no longer a suggestion, it is a directive. It will go into effect at 8pm today. All other executive orders will stay in effect going forward. State and local law enforcement have already stepped up.; anyone who violates the stay-at-home receives a misdemeanor with jail up to a year or fine up to $5K. The state will be sending out a wireless emergency alert on all cell phones to alert on this stay-at-home directive.

Maryland is home to more than 404,000 federal workers, it is the health of the capitol region, and needs to be an urgent priority for the national leaders for national security, continuity, economy. Thanks to federal partners for answering calls to action on resources and funding, and agreeing to extend requests to extend deadlines (realID, census).

With Maryland state partners, we now have glen burnie, waldorf, and bel-air drive through COVID-19 testing at VFIP testing centers. There is not charge at these sites, but testing allotment is still limited and testing is limited to those with a referral from their doctor, and an appointment.

FEMA delivered 200 bed packages to Baltimore convention center for site hospital. The state has also ordered 100 advanced medical tents for additional field site activity. We’re coordinating with DC government to ensure surging is addressed. Insurance group Kaiser is planning to surge 500 beds across the region, with 218 in their MD location.

COVID-19 layoff aversion fund with 7M previously, now adding additional 2M to bring up to 9M. The government has provided a 50M small business relief fund last week for lost revenue with 75M to small businesses fund and nonprofits with less 50 employees. They’ve received more than 5300 applicants. Information available at

Introducing a waive of all copayments and testing to open up special insurance enrollment and temporarily suspends requirements that families would have to pay copayments for their kids coverage.

We’re still at the beginning, we’ve been through difficult challenges before and will get through this together. Thank you to nurses, doctors, first responders, citizen soldiers of national guard who are on front lines every day putting their lives at risk. Also heroes, 12 school systems who have donated their medical equipment to the pandemic. Everyone has a chance to do something to help their neighbors and be a hero by staying home. Not only does it keep you and family safe, but it also can save the lives of thousands of others. The days to come we all are going to need to depend and look out for each other and take care of each other

Secretary of health, Fran Phillips:
27 days ago hogan declared a health emergency in face of this virus.; we’re in this for weeks if not months. This will be a sustained challenge and indeed greatest public health challenge of our lifetimes. We have no vaccine to protect us and no treatments to cure this disease. People are hospitalized across the area and we have limited medical equipment for the frontline healthcare workers.

These test sites at VFIP stations are for high-risk people to avoid going into healthcare facilities. This is for those who are pre-approved with a referral from their provider, have symptoms, are 65 and older, live in a group home, are health care workers, etc.

People of Maryland, we are in this together. This is an extraordinary moment. Let us say that we did everything we could to save lives, we gave up so much for a while to save others. This virus is sneaky, spreads easily and takes days before symptoms appear. [The symptoms] may be subtle or be overwhelming. Some people can take care of this at home with fluids and over the counter fever reducers, others may lose the ability to breathe. If you are one of those, you feel faint, you cannot breathe, you must call 911.

We want to flatten the curve so that the healthcare workers are available to take care of hospitalized folks as needed. What you do today and tomorrow matters. There are some very sick people here in Maryland. if you have medical experience you want to volunteer register with Maryland Responds .

Need more info? Call 211.

Q&A answers:
* have a lot of businesses already shut down, more will be shut down as a result of today
* people are not locked in their homes, just stay in their homes except for essential things. you can go out for walks to walk the dog, but stay just with those you live with… if your plumbing goes up, that’s necessary but don’t go shopping for new carpet.
* anyone traveling from anywhere should self-quarantine for 14 days. don’t travel outside of region for any reason. putting this message on AMTRAK, road boards, etc.
* talked about the worst case scenario, such as the nursing home. but there are smaller areas that are also of concern as well. we have things happening in 22 out of 24 jurisdictions. things that concern us that we could talk about all day long
* we do not have enough gear, no one in the country has enough gear.
* every governor in the country is concerned about having enough ventilators. we’re all looking in the open markets. there are not enough PPE masks, swabs, ventilators.
* this is going to be devastating to the state budget. drain the rainy day fund, looking into half of the next stimulus package for states from the president.
* looking at 25% nationally unemployment. revenue is down dramatically.
* too early to be talking about the ibuprofen rumor from Connecticut
* 50% all positive cases are 50 or younger, which is diff from what we’ve been talking about. on the testing, we’ve now have all the lab reporting (pos & negatives). positivity from testing is now at 11%.
* key shortages is not only protective equipment, but raw ingredients to make and turn around these tests to get them out. some of the restyles we’re getting out today are people we tested days and days ago but could’ve been infected weeks ago. hospitals have prioritized testing that we can get done in 24hrs.


Article will be updated or a new article with additional detail as I get time.

Scott E

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