The Comptroller of Maryland Peter Franchot and I discuss a number of topics happening in Maryland during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Some include:

  • Tax filing deadline extensions in Maryland
  • Economic Outlook
  • Financial institutions, small and large businesses and both individual and corporate consumers working together
  • Suspension of Enforcement of Craft Alcohol Carryout Purchase Limits
  • Maryland Distillery industry and ways they are helping out during the coronavirus outbreak

Be sure to give this episode a listen:

I very much enjoyed this discussion with Comptroller Franchot and hope to have him on the podcast in the future.


Be sure to visit the Comptrollers website for more information on the various topics we discussed:

I regularly visit the “Press Releases and Media Advisories” page to keep up to date with information for the blog.

Scott E

Note – I knew those photos I took of the Happy Hour he hosted at Hysteria Brewing Company last year would come in handy at some point.