Howard County Police Daily Crime Bulletin, Friday, March 27, 2020

Theft from vehicle/vehicle break-in

Columbia, 21044: 5200 block of West Running Brook Road, March 25-26 overnight, airbag 5000 block of Southern Star Terrace, March 27 1:44 a.m.

Police responded for a report of several suspects entering vehicles. They located one suspect and arrested him. Police determined the suspects entered nine vehicles and stole various items.

ARRESTED: David Hutchinson, 24, of 31st Street SE in Washington, D.C., charged with rogue and vagabond and theft


Good…I hope to see more of these type of arrests of those breaking into vehicles in Howard County. This happens way to often in this county and should not be seen as just the norm (yes, even my SUV has been ransacked in the past year).

Here are the areas noted above:

5200 block of West Running Brook Road:

5000 block of Southern Star Terrace:

Scott E